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Symbol Product Transposon Mutants Co-culture mutation
6829482 wrbA WrbA protein, flavodoxin-like domain, trp repressor-binding protein (RefSeq)
6828779 yieG Xanthine/uracil/vitamin C permease:Sulphate transporter (RefSeq)
6828074 xapA xanthosine phosphorylase (purine nucleoside phosphorylase) (RefSeq)
6827670 xoxF XoxF (RefSeq)
6826725 xoxF XoxF, PQQ-linked dehydrogenase of unknown function (RefSeq)
6827526 zntA zinc, cadmium, cobalt and lead efflux system (RefSeq)
6830335 zntA zinc, cobalt and lead efflux system (RefSeq)
6826583 MexAM1_META1p1584 zinc-containing alcohol dehydrogenase (RefSeq)
6825775 MexAM1_META1p0735 Zn-binding quinone oxidoreductase (RefSeq)
6825281 glnD [Protein-PII] uridylyltransferase (PII uridylyl- transferase) (Uridylyl-removing enzyme) (UTase) (...