Regulatory Modules

Displaying 81 - 90 of 162Methanococcus maripaludis S2
Title Motif 1 Motif 2 Residual Bicluster Genes Selected GO Terms
mmp-bicluster_0062 11 3.8 0.46 MMP0324, MMP0485, MMP0662, MMP0665, MMP0343, MMP0486, MMP0508, MMP0552, MMP0700, MMP0743, MMP0744, MMP0745, MMP0746, MMP0747, MMP0748, MMP0749, MMP0750, MMP0776, MMP0777, MMP0960, MMP1280, MMP1650 regulation of transcription, DNA-templat..., regulation of nucleobase-containing comp..., regulation of nitrogen compound metaboli..., regulation of RNA metabolic process, regulation of nucleic acid-templated tra...
mmp-bicluster_0072 11 37000 0.27 MMP0071, MMP0423, MMP0551, MMP0690, MMP0780, MMP0789, MMP0800, MMP1015, MMP1678, MMP0435, MMP0485, MMP0513, MMP0518, MMP0662, MMP0773, MMP0778, MMP0779, MMP0801, MMP0832, MMP1184, MMP1281, MMP1339, MMP0781, MMP0957, MMP0484, MMP0515, MMP0767, MMP0790, MMP0834, MMP1571, MMP0475, MMP0740, MMP0766, MMP0782, MMP0436 cofactor biosynthetic process, N-acetyltransferase activity, N-acyltransferase activity, acetyltransferase activity, transferase activity, transferring acyl ...
mmp-bicluster_0124 13 8700 0.42 MMP0546, MMP1633, MMP1634, MMP0148, MMP0253, MMP0347, MMP0348, MMP0562, MMP0563, MMP0613, MMP0977, MMP0978, MMP0979, MMP0980, MMP0981, MMP0982, MMP0983, MMP1100, MMP1258, MMP1468 iron-sulfur cluster binding, metal cluster binding, cation binding, acid-thiol ligase activity, 4 iron, 4 sulfur cluster binding
mmp-bicluster_0015 14 29 0.36 MMP0218, MMP0227, MMP0252, MMP0328, MMP0349, MMP0362, MMP0363, MMP0366, MMP0367, MMP0374, MMP0376, MMP0378, MMP0380, MMP0390, MMP0394, MMP0395, MMP0401, MMP0402, MMP0409, MMP0411, MMP1166, MMP1167, MMP1168, MMP1169, MMP1204, MMP1554, MMP1070
mmp-bicluster_0056 15 130 0.13 MMP0627, MMP1544, MMP1545, MMP1546, MMP1547, MMP0259, MMP0260, MMP0626 large ribosomal subunit, ribosome, organelle, non-membrane-bounded organelle, intracellular organelle
mmp-bicluster_0121 16 200 0.24 MMP0001, MMP0631, MMP0002, MMP0054, MMP0055, MMP0630, MMP0684, MMP0686, MMP0787, MMP0885, MMP1002, MMP1003, MMP1004, MMP1005, MMP1006, MMP1007, MMP1008, MMP1599 aromatic amino acid family metabolic pro..., aromatic amino acid family biosynthetic ..., plasma membrane, cell periphery, carbon-carbon lyase activity
mmp-bicluster_0020 17 10000 0.26 MMP0045, MMP0046, MMP0596, MMP0901, MMP1131, MMP1208, MMP1318, MMP1443, MMP1444, MMP1445, MMP1706, MMP1707, MMP1710, MMP0044, MMP0093, MMP1473, MMP1474, MMP1509, MMP1705, MMP1708, MMP1709 single-organism carbohydrate metabolic p..., monocarboxylic acid metabolic process, intracellular part, macromolecular complex, intracellular
mmp-bicluster_0139 17 42 0.33 MMP0357, MMP0358, MMP0989, MMP1500, MMP0056, MMP0152, MMP0353, MMP0356, MMP0541, MMP0579, MMP1117, MMP1189, MMP1499, MMP1554, MMP1610, MMP1648, MMP1711, MMP1077, MMP1327, MMP1328, MMP1356 DNA binding, racemase and epimerase activity, acting ...
mmp-bicluster_0080 18 1100 0.35 MMP0285, MMP0287, MMP0350, MMP0352, MMP0353, MMP0354, MMP0356, MMP0398, MMP0705, MMP0920, MMP1286, MMP0349, MMP0351, MMP0381, MMP0393, MMP0401, MMP0911, MMP1094, MMP1287, MMP1288, MMP1315, MMP1587 cofactor binding, catalytic activity
mmp-bicluster_0018 18 190 0.13 MMP0158, MMP0159, MMP0259, MMP0260, MMP0298, MMP0576, MMP0577, MMP0578, MMP0625, MMP0626, MMP1147, MMP0627 dicarboxylic acid metabolic process, macromolecular complex, cytoplasm, intracellular part, intracellular