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Symbol Product Transposon Mutants Co-culture mutation
MMP0959 trxB thioredoxin reductase (NCBI) 1
MMP1357 MMP1357 ThiamineS (NCBI) 1
MMP0142 MMP0142 Thiamine pyrophosphate dependent enzyme related to acetolactate synthase (NCBI) 1
MMP1139 thiE Thiamine monophosphate synthase (NCBI) 1
MMP1354 MMP1354 Thiamine biosynthesis protein:THUMP domain (NCBI) 1
MMP0187 thiC thiamine biosynthesis protein, putative (NCBI) 1
MMP0912 MMP0912 tautomerase related protein (NCBI) 1
MMP1570 MMP1570 TatD-related protein (NCBI) 1
MMP0257 tbp TATA-binding protein (TBP) (NCBI) 1 1
MMP1051 surE Survival protein SurE (NCBI) 1