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Symbol Product Transposon Mutants Co-culture mutation
MMP0133 guaB IMP dehydrogenase (NCBI) 1
MMP0134 MMP0134 Conserved hypothetical protein (NCBI) 1
MMP0135 thrC Threonine synthase (NCBI) 1
MMP0136 leuD 3-isopropylmalate dehydratase small subunit (NCBI) 1
MMP0137 dys Deoxyhypusine synthase (NCBI) 1
MMP0138 fdhA formate dehydrogenase alpha subunit (NCBI) 1
MMP0139 fdhB formate dehydrogenase beta subunit (NCBI) 1
MMP0140 MMP0140 conserved hypothetical protein (NCBI) 1
MMP0141 MMP0141 conserved archaeal protein (NCBI) 1
MMP0142 MMP0142 Thiamine pyrophosphate dependent enzyme related to acetolactate synthase (NCBI) 1