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Symbol Product Transposon Mutants Co-culture mutation
MMP1627 ehbG conserved hypothetical protein (NCBI) 1
MMP1628 ehbF energy conserving hydrogenase B putative transmembrane subunit (NCBI) 1
MMP1629 ehbE conserved hypothetical protein (NCBI) 1
MMP1630 MMP1630 ATP/GTP-binding site motif A (P-loop):ABC transporter:AAA ATPase (NCBI) 1
MMP1631 MMP1631 PA-phosphatase related phosphoesterase (NCBI) 1
MMP1632 yqiX Solute-binding protein/glutamate receptor:Bacterial extracellular solute-binding protein, family 3... 1
MMP1633 MMP1633 conserved hypothetical archaeal protein (NCBI) 1
MMP1634 MMP1634 Protein of unknown function UPF0033:DsrE-like protein (NCBI) 1
MMP1635 MMP1635 Thioredoxin:Glutaredoxin:Thioredoxins/glutaredox i n (NCBI) 1
MMP1636 MMP1636 General substrate transporter (NCBI) 1