Protein and peptide secretion and trafficking

Lipoprotein signal peptidase (Prolipoprotein signal peptidase) (Signal peptidase II) (SPase II) (RefSeq)
signal peptidase I (SPase I) (leader peptidase I) (RefSeq)
preprotein translocase, membrane component, transport across inner membrane (General Secretory Pathway) (RefSeq)
putative outer membrane protein assembly factor (RefSeq)
protein-export protein SecB (RefSeq)
Secretion chaperone protein (RefSeq)
preprotein translocase subunit, ATPase (RefSeq)
putative sortase (surface protein transpeptidase) precursor (RefSeq)
type I secretion membrane fusion protein, HlyD family (RefSeq)
type I secretion system ATPase (RefSeq)