putative sensory box-containing diguanylate cyclase/phosphodiesterase; permease, PAS/PAC, GGDEF and EAL domains (RefSeq)
putative multi-sensor hybrid histidine kinase (RefSeq)
putative multi-sensor hybrid histidine kinase/response regulator (RefSeq)
GTP-binding elongation factor family protein with P-loop containing NTP hydrolase domain (RefSeq)
putative sensor histidine kinase precursor, putative transcriptional regulator of C4 dicarboxylate transporter (RefSeq)
two-component DctB-like sigma-54 specific transcriptional regulator, Fis subfamily; with N-terminal response regulator receiver and ATPase domains (RefSeq)
integral membrane sensor signal transduction histidine kinase (RefSeq)
putative histidine kinase of the HWE family (RefSeq)
hypothetical protein (RefSeq)
putative diguanylate cyclase; two GGDEF domains (RefSeq)