Transport and binding proteins

putative leucine/isoleucine/valine transporter subunit (ATP-binding component of ABC superfamily) (livG) (RefSeq)
putative ABC transporter, ATP-binding component (RefSeq)
transporter (RefSeq)
alkanesulfonate transport protein, periplasmic-binding subunit, ABC superfamily (tat pathway signal) (RefSeq)
putative RND efflux transporter, membrane fusion protein subunit (RefSeq)
multidrug efflux system protein (acrB ou acrF) (RefSeq)
sodium:proton antiporter (NhaA family) (RefSeq)
putative ABC transporter, fused permease and ATPase subunits (RefSeq)
H+ translocating pyrophosphate synthase (RefSeq)
putative cation efflux pump fieF (RefSeq)