putative sensor protein gacS (Synonyms : lemA) (RefSeq)
two component low oxygen sensor histidine kinase with PAS domains, FixL (RefSeq)
putative integral membrane sensor hybrid histidine kinase (RefSeq)
putative hybrid histidine kinase with PAS/PAC and response regulator receiver domains (RefSeq)
putative sensor histidine kinase, putative transcriptional regulator of C4 dicarboxylate transporter (RefSeq)
putative sensor hybrid histidine kinase with two PAS and two response regulator receiver domains (RefSeq)
putative Sensor protein, CheY-like domain (RefSeq)
signal transduction histidine kinase with N-terminal phosphotransfer and C-terminal response regulator receiver domains (RefSeq)
nitrogen regulatory signal transduction histidine kinase NtrY (RefSeq)
sensory histdine kinase (soluble) in two-component regulatory system with GlnG, nitrogen regulation (nitrogen regulator II, NRII); Domains: HK homodimeric, ATPase and PAS (RefSeq)