putative hybrid histidine kinase with multiple PAS and a response regulator receiver domain (RefSeq)
putative histidine kinase, domains HK, ATPase and sensory PAS (RefSeq)
putative histidine kinase of the HWE family (RefSeq)
putative diguanylate cyclase (GGDEF)/phosphodiesterase (EAL) with PAS/PAC sensor (RefSeq)
methyl-accepting chemotaxis receptor/sensory transducer with PAS domain (RefSeq)
putative transcriptional regulator, PAS domain S-box (RefSeq)
putative sensory box/GGDEF family protein (RefSeq)
putative signal transduction histidine kinase precursor (RefSeq)
two component low oxygen sensor histidine kinase with PAS domains; FixL (RefSeq)
putative PAS/PAC sensor protein (RefSeq)