PHATRDRAFT_36531 sporulationmeiosis-spo11 homolog (TOPRIM_TopoIIB_SPO)
Phaeodactylum tricornutum

Chromosome Product Transcript Start End Strand Short Name
PHATRDRAFT_36531 chr_10 sporulationmeiosis-spo11 homolog (TOPRIM_TopoIIB_SPO) 681001 682299 +
NCBI ID Ensembl Genomes exon ID
Not available Not available
Expression Profile Conditional Changes Cluster Dendrogram
Name CD Accession Definition Superfamily Bitscore E-Value From - To Hit Type PSSM ID
TOPRIM_TopoIIB_SPO TOPRIM_TopoIIB_SPO: topoisomerase-primase (TOPRIM) nucleotidyl transferase/hydrolase domain of the... cl00718 152.409 5.32E-44 227 - 403 specific 173774
TOPRIM superfamily Topoisomerase-primase domain. This is a nucleotidyl transferase/hydrolase domain found in type IA,... - 152.409 5.32E-44 227 - 403 superfamily 260587
TP6A_N superfamily Type IIB DNA topoisomerase; Type II DNA topoisomerases are ubiquitous enzymes that catalyse the ATP... - 47.5151 3.45E-07 111 - 172 superfamily 190973
COG1697 DNA topoisomerase VI, subunit A [DNA replication, recombination, and repair] - 149.434 9.80E-41 43 - 406 multi-dom 224611
T. pseudonana P. tricornutum P. tricornutum DiatomCyc F. cylindrus Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries E. huxleyi C. reinhardtii A. thaliana P. sojae
263510 Not available 242364 156625 462990 Not available Not available Not available
KEGG description KEGG Pathway
Not available Not available
Not available -
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