PHATRDRAFT_37493 (FPL superfamily)
Phaeodactylum tricornutum

Chromosome Product Transcript Start End Strand Short Name
PHATRDRAFT_37493 chr_13 (FPL superfamily) 276885 280820 +
NCBI ID Ensembl Genomes exon ID
Not available Not available
Expression Profile Conditional Changes Cluster Dendrogram
Name CD Accession Definition Superfamily Bitscore E-Value From - To Hit Type PSSM ID
FPL superfamily Uncharacterized conserved protein; This entry represents an N-terminal region of approximately 150... - 88.0462 1.09E-19 254 - 430 superfamily 192367
T. pseudonana P. tricornutum P. tricornutum DiatomCyc F. cylindrus Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries E. huxleyi C. reinhardtii A. thaliana P. sojae
24267 Not available 243598 286992 Not available Not available Not available 496021
KEGG description KEGG Pathway
Not available Not available
Not available -
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