protein processing

id: GO:0016485
name: protein processing
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: Any protein maturation process achieved by the cleavage of a peptide bond or bonds within a protein. Protein maturation is the process leading to the attainment of the full functional capacity of a protein.

Child Functions

GO:0002541activation of plasma proteins involved in acute inflammatory response
GO:0006465signal peptide processing
GO:0006624vacuolar protein processing
GO:0016486peptide hormone processing
GO:0016540protein autoprocessing
GO:0019082viral protein processing
GO:0030908protein splicing
GO:0031638zymogen activation
GO:0034982mitochondrial protein processing
GO:0035103sterol regulatory element binding protein cleavage
GO:0035334Notch receptor processing, ligand-independent
GO:0035551protein initiator methionine removal involved in protein maturation
GO:0038005peptide bond cleavage involved in epidermal growth factor receptor ligand maturation
GO:0071586CAAX-box protein processing

Parent Functions

GO:0051604protein maturation