transcription factor complex

id: GO:0005667
name: transcription factor complex
namespace: cellular_component
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: A protein complex, distinct from RNA polymerase, that associates with DNA at promoters or at cis-acting regulatory sequences, by direct binding or by interaction with other DNA-binding polypeptides or complexes, and regulates transcription.

Child Functions

GO:0000120RNA polymerase I transcription factor complex
GO:0000126transcription factor TFIIIB complex
GO:0000127transcription factor TFIIIC complex
GO:0005669transcription factor TFIID complex
GO:0005672transcription factor TFIIA complex
GO:0005673transcription factor TFIIE complex
GO:0005674transcription factor TFIIF complex
GO:0005675holo TFIIH complex
GO:0008230ecdysone receptor holocomplex
GO:0016513core-binding factor complex
GO:0016602CCAAT-binding factor complex
GO:0019185snRNA-activating protein complex
GO:0030014CCR4-NOT complex
GO:0030232insulin control element activator complex
GO:0030907MBF transcription complex
GO:0032444activin responsive factor complex
GO:0033276transcription factor TFTC complex
GO:0033309SBF transcription complex
GO:0034734transcription factor TFIIIC1 complex
GO:0034735transcription factor TFIIIC2 complex
GO:0034740TFIIIC-TOP1-SUB1 complex
GO:0035189Rb-E2F complex
GO:0035976AP1 complex
GO:0070264transcription factor TFIIIE complex
GO:0070514SRF-myogenin-E12 complex
GO:0070721ISGF3 complex
GO:0070985TFIIK complex
GO:0071148TEAD-1-YAP complex
GO:0071149TEAD-2-YAP complex
GO:0071150TEAD-3-YAP complex
GO:0071151TEAD-4-YAP complex
GO:0071943Myc-Max complex

Parent Functions

GO:0043234protein complex
GO:0044451nucleoplasm part