septin ring

id: GO:0005940
name: septin ring
namespace: cellular_component
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: A tight ring-shaped structure that forms in the division plane at the site of cytokinesis; composed of members of the conserved family of filament-forming proteins called septins as well as septin-associated proteins. This type of septin structure is observed at the bud neck of budding fungal cells, at the site of cell division in animal cells, at the junction between the mother cell and a pseudohyphal projection, and also within hyphae of filamentous fungi at sites where a septum will form.

Child Functions

GO:0000144cellular bud neck septin ring
GO:0032168hyphal septin ring
GO:0032169prospore septin ring
GO:0032170pseudohyphal septin ring
GO:0032172germ tube septin ring
GO:0032175mating projection septin ring

Parent Functions

GO:0032156septin cytoskeleton
GO:0044430cytoskeletal part
GO:0044448cell cortex part