immune system process

id: GO:0002376
name: immune system process
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: Any process involved in the development or functioning of the immune system, an organismal system for calibrated responses to potential internal or invasive threats.

Child Functions

GO:0001776leukocyte homeostasis
GO:0002200somatic diversification of immune receptors
GO:0002252immune effector process
GO:0002253activation of immune response
GO:0002262myeloid cell homeostasis
GO:0002339B cell selection
GO:0002404antigen sampling in mucosal-associated lymphoid tissue
GO:0002440production of molecular mediator of immune response
GO:0002507tolerance induction
GO:0002520immune system development
GO:0006955immune response
GO:0019882antigen processing and presentation
GO:0031294lymphocyte costimulation
GO:0035172hemocyte proliferation
GO:0042386hemocyte differentiation
GO:0045058T cell selection
GO:0045321leukocyte activation
GO:0050900leukocyte migration

Parent Functions