neuropeptide hormone activity

id: GO:0005184
name: neuropeptide hormone activity
namespace: molecular_function
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: The action characteristic of a neuropeptide hormone, any peptide hormone that acts in the central nervous system. A neuropeptide is any of several types of molecules found in brain tissue, composed of short chains of amino acids; they include endorphins, enkephalins, vasopressin, and others. They are often localized in axon terminals at synapses and are classified as putative neurotransmitters, although some are also hormones.

Child Functions

GO:0005185neurohypophyseal hormone activity
GO:0008031eclosion hormone activity
GO:0008255ecdysis-triggering hormone activity
GO:0016087ecdysiostatic hormone activity
GO:0018445prothoracicotrophic hormone activity

Parent Functions

GO:0005179hormone activity