id: GO:0007610
name: behavior
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: The specific actions or reactions of an organism in response to external or internal stimuli. Patterned activity of a whole organism in a manner dependent upon some combination of that organism's internal state and external conditions.

Child Functions

GO:0002209behavioral defense response
GO:0002210behavioral response to wounding
GO:0007611learning or memory
GO:0007622rhythmic behavior
GO:0007625grooming behavior
GO:0007626locomotory behavior
GO:0007631feeding behavior
GO:0007632visual behavior
GO:0007635chemosensory behavior
GO:0007638mechanosensory behavior
GO:0019098reproductive behavior
GO:0030534adult behavior
GO:0030537larval behavior
GO:0032537host-seeking behavior
GO:0035187hatching behavior
GO:0035640exploration behavior
GO:0040040thermosensory behavior
GO:0042630behavioral response to water deprivation
GO:0048266behavioral response to pain
GO:0051705behavioral interaction between organisms
GO:0051867general adaptation syndrome, behavioral process
GO:0060273crying behavior
GO:0060756foraging behavior
GO:0071625vocalization behavior

Parent Functions

GO:0050896response to stimulus