cytoskeletal protein binding

id: GO:0008092
name: cytoskeletal protein binding
namespace: molecular_function
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: Interacting selectively and non-covalently with any protein component of any cytoskeleton (actin, microtubule, or intermediate filament cytoskeleton).

Child Functions

GO:0003779actin binding
GO:0005519cytoskeletal regulatory protein binding
GO:0005523tropomyosin binding
GO:0008093cytoskeletal adaptor activity
GO:0015631tubulin binding
GO:0017022myosin binding
GO:0017166vinculin binding
GO:0019894kinesin binding
GO:0030172troponin C binding
GO:0030506ankyrin binding
GO:0030507spectrin binding
GO:0031005filamin binding
GO:0031013troponin I binding
GO:0031014troponin T binding
GO:0031432titin binding
GO:0031433telethonin binding
GO:0034452dynactin binding
GO:0042805actinin binding
GO:0043411myopalladin binding
GO:0048156tau protein binding
GO:0051370ZASP binding
GO:0051373FATZ binding
GO:0051411ALP binding
GO:0051416myotilin binding
GO:0051419nebulin binding
GO:0051420nebulette binding

Parent Functions

GO:0005515protein binding