cell-cell adhesion

id: GO:0016337
name: cell-cell adhesion
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: The attachment of one cell to another cell via adhesion molecules.

Child Functions

GO:0000761conjugant formation
GO:0001502cartilage condensation
GO:0003274endocardial cushion fusion
GO:0003317cardioblast cell midline fusion
GO:0003367cell-cell adhesion involved in ameboidal cell migration
GO:0007156homophilic cell adhesion
GO:0007157heterophilic cell-cell adhesion
GO:0007158neuron cell-cell adhesion
GO:0007159leukocyte cell-cell adhesion
GO:0007299ovarian follicle cell-cell adhesion
GO:0009865pollen tube adhesion
GO:0009876pollen adhesion
GO:0016338calcium-independent cell-cell adhesion
GO:0016339calcium-dependent cell-cell adhesion
GO:0021812neuronal-glial interaction involved in cerebral cortex radial glia guided migration
GO:0021813cell-cell adhesion involved in neuronal-glial interactions involved in cerebral cortex radial glia guided migration
GO:0021832cell-cell adhesion involved in cerebral cortex tangential migration using cell-cell interactions
GO:0021944neuronal-glial interaction involved in hindbrain glial-mediated radial cell migration
GO:0033631cell-cell adhesion mediated by integrin
GO:0034109homotypic cell-cell adhesion
GO:0034113heterotypic cell-cell adhesion
GO:0043689cell-cell adhesion involved in flocculation
GO:0044331cell-cell adhesion mediated by cadherin
GO:0052000Type IV pili-dependent aggregation
GO:0060607cell-cell adhesion involved in sealing an epithelial fold
GO:0060647mesenchymal cell condensation involved in mammary fat development
GO:0060710chorio-allantoic fusion
GO:0070586cell-cell adhesion involved in gastrulation
GO:0072035pre-tubular aggregate formation
GO:0090125cell-cell adhesion involved in synapse maturation
GO:0090136epithelial cell-cell adhesion
GO:0090138regulation of actin cytoskeleton organization by cell-cell adhesion
GO:0090250cell-cell adhesion involved in establishment of planar polarity

Parent Functions

GO:0007155cell adhesion