peptide cross-linking via an oxazole or thiazole

id: GO:0018157
name: peptide cross-linking via an oxazole or thiazole
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the formation of a peptidyl serine-peptidyl glycine, or peptidyl cysteine-peptidyl glycine cross-link by the condensation of the serine hydroxyl or cysteine thiol with the carbonyl of the preceding residue and alpha-beta dehydrogenation.

Child Functions

GO:0018132peptide cross-linking via L-cysteine oxazolecarboxylic acid
GO:0018133peptide cross-linking via L-cysteine oxazolinecarboxylic acid
GO:0018134peptide cross-linking via glycine oxazolecarboxylic acid
GO:0018137peptide cross-linking via glycine thiazolecarboxylic acid
GO:0018138peptide cross-linking via L-serine thiazolecarboxylic acid
GO:0018139peptide cross-linking via L-phenylalanine thiazolecarboxylic acid
GO:0018140peptide cross-linking via L-cysteine thiazolecarboxylic acid
GO:0018141peptide cross-linking via L-lysine thiazolecarboxylic acid

Parent Functions

GO:0018131oxazole or thiazole biosynthetic process
GO:0018149peptide cross-linking