extracellular region part

id: GO:0044421
name: extracellular region part
namespace: cellular_component
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: Any constituent part of the extracellular region, the space external to the outermost structure of a cell. For cells without external protective or external encapsulating structures this refers to space outside of the plasma membrane. This term covers constituent parts of the host cell environment outside an intracellular parasite.

Child Functions

GO:0005577fibrinogen complex
GO:0005601classical-complement-pathway C3/C5 convertase complex
GO:0005602complement component C1 complex
GO:0005615extracellular space
GO:0005616larval serum protein complex
GO:0009519middle lamella
GO:0010367extracellular isoamylase complex
GO:0016914follicle-stimulating hormone complex
GO:0016942insulin-like growth factor binding protein complex
GO:0031012extracellular matrix
GO:0031395bursicon neuropeptide hormone complex
GO:0032311angiogenin-PRI complex
GO:0034358plasma lipoprotein particle
GO:0035182female germline ring canal outer rim
GO:0035183female germline ring canal inner rim
GO:0042571immunoglobulin complex, circulating
GO:0043230extracellular organelle
GO:0043245extraorganismal space
GO:0043511inhibin complex
GO:0043514interleukin-12 complex
GO:0043655extracellular space of host
GO:0044217other organism part
GO:0044420extracellular matrix part
GO:0045171intercellular bridge
GO:0048180activin complex
GO:0070289extracellular ferritin complex
GO:0070701mucus layer
GO:0070743interleukin-23 complex
GO:0070744interleukin-27 complex
GO:0070745interleukin-35 complex
GO:0072324ascus epiplasm
GO:0072562blood microparticle
GO:0085036extrahaustorial matrix
GO:0085040extra-invasive hyphal space
GO:0097058CRLF-CLCF1 complex
GO:0097059CNTFR-CLCF1 complex

Parent Functions