cell wall part

id: GO:0044426
name: cell wall part
namespace: cellular_component
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: Any constituent part of the cell wall, the rigid or semi-rigid envelope lying outside the cell membrane of plant, fungal, and most prokaryotic cells, maintaining their shape and protecting them from osmotic lysis.

Child Functions

GO:0005621cellular bud scar
GO:0005630dityrosine layer of spore wall
GO:0005631chitosan layer of spore wall
GO:0005632inner layer of spore wall
GO:0009549cellulose microfibril
GO:0010339external side of cell wall
GO:0043188cell septum edging
GO:0043593endospore coat
GO:0043594outer endospore membrane
GO:0043595endospore cortex
GO:0043680filiform apparatus
GO:0048217pectic matrix
GO:0048222glycoprotein network
GO:0048223hemicellulose network
GO:0048224lignin network
GO:0048225suberin network
GO:0048226Casparian strip
GO:0071597cellular birth scar

Parent Functions

GO:0044462external encapsulating structure part