intracellular organelle part

id: GO:0044446
name: intracellular organelle part
namespace: cellular_component
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: A constituent part of an intracellular organelle, an organized structure of distinctive morphology and function, occurring within the cell. Includes constituent parts of the nucleus, mitochondria, plastids, vacuoles, vesicles, ribosomes and the cytoskeleton but excludes the plasma membrane.

Child Functions

GO:0015934large ribosomal subunit
GO:0015935small ribosomal subunit
GO:0016035zeta DNA polymerase complex
GO:0031300intrinsic to organelle membrane
GO:0031312extrinsic to organelle membrane
GO:0031967organelle envelope
GO:0031970organelle envelope lumen
GO:0031984organelle subcompartment
GO:0032426stereocilium bundle tip
GO:0034646organelle-enclosing lipid monolayer
GO:0044427chromosomal part
GO:0044428nuclear part
GO:0044429mitochondrial part
GO:0044430cytoskeletal part
GO:0044431Golgi apparatus part
GO:0044432endoplasmic reticulum part
GO:0044433cytoplasmic vesicle part
GO:0044435plastid part
GO:0044437vacuolar part
GO:0044438microbody part
GO:0044440endosomal part
GO:0044441cilium part
GO:0044442microtubule-based flagellum part
GO:0044443pilus part
GO:0070013intracellular organelle lumen

Parent Functions

GO:0044422organelle part
GO:0044424intracellular part