positive regulation of biological process

id: GO:0048518
name: positive regulation of biological process
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: Any process that activates or increases the frequency, rate or extent of a biological process. Biological processes are regulated by many means; examples include the control of gene expression, protein modification or interaction with a protein or substrate molecule.

Child Functions

GO:0002684positive regulation of immune system process
GO:0009893positive regulation of metabolic process
GO:0010884positive regulation of lipid storage
GO:0023056positive regulation of signaling
GO:0030711positive regulation of border follicle cell delamination
GO:0031343positive regulation of cell killing
GO:0032846positive regulation of homeostatic process
GO:0040017positive regulation of locomotion
GO:0042753positive regulation of circadian rhythm
GO:0043902positive regulation of multi-organism process
GO:0044089positive regulation of cellular component biogenesis
GO:0045768positive regulation of anti-apoptosis
GO:0045848positive regulation of nitrogen utilization
GO:0045883positive regulation of sulfur utilization
GO:0045927positive regulation of growth
GO:0045949positive regulation of phosphorus utilization
GO:0046726positive regulation of viral protein levels in host cell
GO:0048522positive regulation of cellular process
GO:0048524positive regulation of viral reproduction
GO:0048584positive regulation of response to stimulus
GO:0051050positive regulation of transport
GO:0051094positive regulation of developmental process
GO:0051130positive regulation of cellular component organization
GO:0051240positive regulation of multicellular organismal process
GO:0051284positive regulation of sequestering of calcium ion
GO:0051919positive regulation of fibrinolysis
GO:0061090positive regulation of sequestering of zinc ion
GO:0090232positive regulation of spindle checkpoint
GO:2000243positive regulation of reproductive process
GO:2000386positive regulation of ovarian follicle development
GO:2000729positive regulation of mesenchymal cell proliferation involved in ureter development
GO:2000748positive regulation of defecation rhythm
GO:2000792positive regulation of mesenchymal cell proliferation involved in lung development
GO:2001052positive regulation of G1/S transition checkpoint
GO:2001111positive regulation of lens epithelial cell proliferation
GO:2001126positive regulation of translational frameshifting

Parent Functions

GO:0050789regulation of biological process