multicellular organismal reproductive process

id: GO:0048609
name: multicellular organismal reproductive process
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: The process, occurring above the cellular level, that is pertinent to the reproductive function of a multicellular organism. This includes the integrated processes at the level of tissues and organs.

Child Functions

GO:0007276gamete generation
GO:0007341penetration of zona pellucida
GO:0010162seed dormancy
GO:0010431seed maturation
GO:0022605oogenesis stage
GO:0033057multicellular organismal reproductive behavior
GO:0035263genital disc sexually dimorphic development
GO:0042698ovulation cycle
GO:0042713sperm ejaculation
GO:0043084penile erection
GO:0046692sperm competition
GO:0060135maternal process involved in female pregnancy
GO:0060136embryonic process involved in female pregnancy
GO:0060137maternal process involved in parturition
GO:0060138fetal process involved in parturition
GO:0060378regulation of brood size
GO:0070684seminal clot liquefaction
GO:0080001mucilage extrusion from seed coat

Parent Functions

GO:0022414reproductive process
GO:0032501multicellular organismal process