regulation of cellular localization

id: GO:0060341
name: regulation of cellular localization
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: Any process that modulates the frequency, rate or extent of a process in which a cell, a substance, or a cellular entity is transported to, or maintained in a specific location within or in the membrane of a cell.

Child Functions

GO:0003330regulation of extracellular matrix constituent secretion
GO:0007317regulation of pole plasm oskar mRNA localization
GO:0008359regulation of bicoid mRNA localization
GO:0014048regulation of glutamate secretion
GO:0014062regulation of serotonin secretion
GO:0017157regulation of exocytosis
GO:0032386regulation of intracellular transport
GO:0046883regulation of hormone secretion
GO:0046928regulation of neurotransmitter secretion
GO:0050433regulation of catecholamine secretion
GO:0050708regulation of protein secretion
GO:0051988regulation of attachment of spindle microtubules to kinetochore
GO:0060178regulation of exocyst localization
GO:0060583regulation of actin cortical patch localization
GO:0070202regulation of establishment of protein localization to chromosome
GO:0071342regulation of establishment of contractile ring localization involved in cell cycle cytokinesis
GO:0071922regulation of cohesin localization to chromatin
GO:0090003regulation of establishment of protein localization in plasma membrane
GO:0090147regulation of establishment of mitochondrion localization involved in mitochondrial fission
GO:0090235regulation of metaphase plate congression
GO:2000008regulation of protein localization at cell surface
GO:2000197regulation of ribonucleoprotein complex localization

Parent Functions

GO:0032879regulation of localization
GO:0050794regulation of cellular process