positive regulation of spore-bearing organ development

id: GO:0075261
name: positive regulation of spore-bearing organ development
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: Any process that activates, maintains or increases the frequency, rate or extent of spore-bearing organ development, a process in which hyphae grow into special aggregates called fruiting bodies that produce new spores.

Child Functions

GO:0031287positive regulation of sorocarp stalk cell differentiation
GO:0070795positive regulation of conidiophore development
GO:0070798positive regulation of cleistothecium development
GO:0075265positive regulation of oogonium development
GO:0075269positive regulation of aecium development
GO:0075273positive regulation of zygosporangium development
GO:0075277positive regulation of telium development
GO:0075281positive regulation of uredinium development
GO:0075311positive regulation of sporangium development
GO:0075315positive regulation of basidium development
GO:0075319positive regulation of ascus development

Parent Functions

GO:0051094positive regulation of developmental process
GO:0051240positive regulation of multicellular organismal process
GO:0075260regulation of spore-bearing organ development
GO:2000243positive regulation of reproductive process