MMP0341 MMP0341 pyruvate carboxylase subunit A (NCBI)


Residual Expression Plot
mmp-bicluster_0067 0.38
mmp-bicluster_0086 0.27
mmp-bicluster_0120 0.26
Uniprot NCBI Gene NCBI Protein GI Number MicrobesOnline EnsemblBacteria InterPro EggNOG
Q6M0D0 2761464 NP_987461.1;WP_011170285.1; 45357904 532530 CAF29897 IPR004549, IPR011761, IPR013815, IPR013816, IPR011764, IPR005482, IPR005481, IPR005479, IPR016185, IPR011054 COG0439
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Orthologues Paralogues
COG EC Description TIGR Roles
(I) COG4770 | Acetyl/propionyl-CoA carboxylase, alpha subunit ( Acetyl-CoA carboxylase. Fatty acid and phospholipid metabolism:Biosynthesis
L1.Cm.T1 L1.Cm.T2 L1.cN.T1 L1.cN.T2 L1.T0 L2.Cm.T1 L2.Cm.T2 L2.cN.T1 L2.cN.T2 L2.T0
0 0 1 0 10 0 0 1 1 8
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