MMP1397 MMP1397 structural maintenance of chromosome protein (NCBI)


Residual Expression Plot
mmp-bicluster_0013 0.42
mmp-bicluster_0083 0.36
Uniprot NCBI Gene NCBI Protein GI Number MicrobesOnline EnsemblBacteria InterPro EggNOG
Q6LXF4 2762157 NP_988517.1;WP_011171341.1; 45358960 533599 CAF30953 IPR027417, IPR003395, IPR024704, IPR010935, IPR011890 COG1196
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Orthologues Paralogues
COG Protein families TIGR Roles
(D) COG1196 | Chromosome segregation ATPases SMC family DNA metabolism:Chromosome-associated proteins
L1.Cm.T1 L1.Cm.T2 L1.cN.T1 L1.cN.T2 L1.T0 L2.Cm.T1 L2.Cm.T2 L2.cN.T1 L2.cN.T2 L2.T0
50 41 26 17 46 20 24 21 13 22
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