Regulatory Modules

Displaying 31 - 40 of 170Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough
Title Motif 1 Motif 2 Residual Bicluster Genes Selected GO Terms
bicluster_0047 350 3200 0.36 DVU0016, DVU0545, DVU2192, DVU2327, DVU2426, DVUA0011, DVUA0056, DVU1712, DVU1716, DVU1754, DVU2278, DVU2832 oxidoreductase activity, acting on iron-...
bicluster_0048 170 170 0.44 DVU0079, DVU0128, DVU0327, DVU0413, DVU0612, DVU1019, DVU1242, DVU1458, DVU1590, DVU1611, DVU1813, DVU1814, DVU2243, DVU2409, DVU2484, DVU2485, DVU2762, DVU2787, DVU3255, DVU3261, DVU3375, DVU0441 aromatic compound catabolic process, cellular nitrogen compound catabolic pro..., heterocycle catabolic process, organic cyclic compound catabolic proces..., cellular respiration
bicluster_0053 0.29 44 0.49 DVU0146, DVU0148, DVU0149, DVU0150, DVU0152, DVU0372, DVU0458, DVU0593, DVU0678, DVU0751, DVU0805, DVU0806, DVU0882, DVU1670, DVU2014, DVU2061, DVU2104, DVU2952, DVU3125, DVU3182, DVU3188, DVU3384, DVUA0036, DVUA0061, DVU0147, DVU0594, DVU2088 integral component of membrane, intrinsic component of membrane, FMN binding
bicluster_0056 0.000000029 0.000062 0.48 DVU0153, DVU0157, DVU0792, DVU0879, DVU0880, DVU0886, DVU1407, DVU1409, DVU1663, DVU1664, DVU1665, DVU1954, DVU2300, DVU2340, DVU3054, DVU3149, DVU3150, DVU3186, DVU0054, DVU0502, DVU1087, DVU1576, DVU1666 serine-type endopeptidase activity, serine-type peptidase activity, serine hydrolase activity
bicluster_0058 2700 4800 0.38 DVU0197, DVU0206, DVU0207, DVU0209, DVU0210, DVU0211, DVU0212, DVU0214, DVU0216, DVU0217, DVU0219, DVU2850, DVU2851, DVU2853, DVU2857, DVU2858, DVU2859, DVU2861, DVU2864, DVU2860
bicluster_0059 4000 4400 0.31 DVU0860, DVU0889, DVU2122, DVU2129, DVU2154, DVU2156, DVU2172, DVU3285, DVU2125, DVU2170 peptidase activity
bicluster_0061 23 30 0.49 DVU0429, DVU0431, DVU0433, DVU0434, DVU3286, DVUA0001, DVUA0002, DVUA0003, DVUA0021, DVUA0022, DVUA0024, DVUA0035, DVUA0047, DVUA0064, DVUA0083, DVUA0092, DVUA0146, DVUA0148, DVUA0149, DVUA0046 nucleoside triphosphate metabolic proces..., ribonucleoside triphosphate metabolic pr..., cellular respiration, energy derivation by oxidation of organi..., electron transport chain
bicluster_0063 1.2 390 0.47 DVU0056, DVU0227, DVU0334, DVU0395, DVU0454, DVU0575, DVU0619, DVU0620, DVU0656, DVU0854, DVU1090, DVU1408, DVU1537, DVU1579, DVU1616, DVU1820, DVU1877, DVU1888, DVU2471, DVU2612, DVU2644, DVU3345, DVU0034, DVU1434, DVU2639, DVU3281, DVU3359 deaminase activity, ATP binding, adenyl ribonucleotide binding, adenyl nucleotide binding
bicluster_0064 65 290 0.48 DVU0830, DVU0831, DVU1042, DVU1043, DVU1249, DVU1250, DVU1274, DVU1841, DVU2225, DVU2332, DVU2333, DVU2536, DVU3090, DVU3245, DVU0002, DVU0003, DVU0285, DVU0501, DVU0505, DVU1078, DVU2904 glutamine family amino acid biosynthetic..., glutamine family amino acid metabolic pr..., alpha-amino acid biosynthetic process, cellular amino acid biosynthetic process, organic acid biosynthetic process
bicluster_0066 2.4 3000 0.43 DVU0416, DVU1192, DVU1987, DVU2089, DVU2100, DVU2108, DVU2362, DVU2363, DVU2440, DVU2487, DVU2488, DVU3315, DVU3381, DVU3382 magnesium ion binding, hydrolase activity, acting on acid anhyd..., hydrolase activity, acting on acid anhyd..., 2 iron, 2 sulfur cluster binding, ion binding