Regulatory Modules

Displaying 51 - 60 of 162Methanococcus maripaludis S2
Title Motif 1 Motif 2 Residual Bicluster Genes Selected GO Terms
mmp-bicluster_0053 560 2600 0.26 MMP0200, MMP0462, MMP0513, MMP0773, MMP0776, MMP0803, MMP0837, MMP0838, MMP0896, MMP1339, MMP1650, MMP0800, MMP0802, MMP0823, MMP1526, MMP1620, MMP1649, MMP0515, MMP0767, MMP0769, MMP0774, MMP0790, MMP0805, MMP0766, MMP0782, MMP0796, MMP1536, MMP0437 cellular modified amino acid metabolic p..., ferredoxin hydrogenase activity, oxidoreductase activity, acting on hydro...
mmp-bicluster_0054 9.4 580 0.25 MMP0027, MMP0070, MMP0215, MMP0455, MMP0482, MMP0483, MMP0612, MMP0621, MMP0638, MMP1552, MMP1605, MMP1641, MMP0672, MMP0693, MMP0863, MMP0903, MMP1234 pyruvate metabolic process, glycolytic process, carbohydrate catabolic process, single-organism carbohydrate catabolic p..., single-organism carbohydrate metabolic p...
mmp-bicluster_0055 24 1600 0.31 MMP0120, MMP0121, MMP0543, MMP0544, MMP0545, MMP0992, MMP1065, MMP1235, MMP1241, MMP1428, MMP1487, MMP1551, MMP1607, MMP0482, MMP0483, MMP0638, MMP0902, MMP1240, MMP0903, MMP1234, MMP1236 Mo-molybdopterin cofactor biosynthetic p..., Mo-molybdopterin cofactor metabolic proc..., molybdopterin cofactor biosynthetic proc..., molybdopterin cofactor metabolic process, prosthetic group metabolic process
mmp-bicluster_0056 15 130 0.13 MMP0627, MMP1544, MMP1545, MMP1546, MMP1547, MMP0259, MMP0260, MMP0626 large ribosomal subunit, ribosome, organelle, non-membrane-bounded organelle, intracellular organelle
mmp-bicluster_0057 2500 13000 0.19 MMP0122, MMP0207, MMP0425, MMP0426, MMP0465, MMP0534, MMP0535, MMP0569, MMP0958, MMP0959, MMP1001, MMP1514, MMP0027, MMP0121, MMP0612, MMP0621, MMP1641 cell redox homeostasis, cellular homeostasis, homeostatic process, regulation of biological quality, cell wall
mmp-bicluster_0058 0.39 1200 0.49 MMP0050, MMP0051, MMP0097, MMP0180, MMP0210, MMP0369, MMP0480, MMP0487, MMP0613, MMP0712, MMP0722, MMP0757, MMP0788, MMP0922, MMP0923, MMP1134, MMP1135, MMP1136, MMP1229, MMP1439, MMP0059, MMP0096, MMP0181, MMP0209, MMP0256, MMP0257, MMP1493, MMP1550, MMP0734, MMP0932, MMP0524 intramolecular transferase activity, coenzyme binding, FMN binding, cofactor binding, sequence-specific DNA binding
mmp-bicluster_0059 0.00055 4800 0.19 MMP0413, MMP0927, MMP0928, MMP0929, MMP0931, MMP0932, MMP0933, MMP1666, MMP1667, MMP1668, MMP1669, MMP1670, MMP1671, MMP1672, MMP1673, MMP1719 response to stimulus, chemotaxis, response to external stimulus, taxis, response to chemical
mmp-bicluster_0060 1800 2900 0.24 MMP0081, MMP0224, MMP0297, MMP0417, MMP0418, MMP0894, MMP0955, MMP1017, MMP1146, MMP1188, MMP1189, MMP1255, MMP1480, MMP0080, MMP0696, MMP0880, MMP0893, MMP1640 ribose phosphate metabolic process, nucleoside phosphate metabolic process, nucleotide metabolic process, single-organism metabolic process, primary metabolic process
mmp-bicluster_0061 5600 7800 0.23 MMP0043, MMP0060, MMP0061, MMP0155, MMP0249, MMP0250, MMP0384, MMP0457, MMP1579, MMP0045, MMP0440, MMP0441, MMP0442, MMP1208, MMP1399, MMP1434, MMP1443, MMP1444, MMP1445, MMP1472, MMP0062, MMP1400, MMP1401, MMP1403 ribonucleoprotein complex biogenesis, ribosome biogenesis, cellular component biogenesis, cellular component organization or bioge..., cytoplasmic part
mmp-bicluster_0062 11 3.8 0.46 MMP0324, MMP0485, MMP0662, MMP0665, MMP0343, MMP0486, MMP0508, MMP0552, MMP0700, MMP0743, MMP0744, MMP0745, MMP0746, MMP0747, MMP0748, MMP0749, MMP0750, MMP0776, MMP0777, MMP0960, MMP1280, MMP1650 regulation of transcription, DNA-templat..., regulation of nucleobase-containing comp..., regulation of nitrogen compound metaboli..., regulation of RNA metabolic process, regulation of nucleic acid-templated tra...