Data Sources

T. pseudonana

Reference Reference URL Accession Number Accession URL
Silica, iron, and nitrogen limitation, low temperature, high pH Mock et al. 2008 GSE9660
exposure to pollutant and mutagen benzo[a]pyrene Carvalho et al. 2011 E-MEXP-3558
Iron starvation Thamatrakoln et al. 2011 GSE46982
Silica re-supplementation Shrestha et al. 2012 GSE37081
Diel growth from exponential to stationary phase Ashworth et al. 2013 GSE45252
Growth at moderate and elevated CO2 levels In preparation NA GSE57737

P. tricornutum

Reference Reference URL Accession Number Accession URL
Silica limitation Sapriel et al. 2009 GSE12015
Acclimation to high light Nymark et al. 2009 GSE17237
Exposure to cadmium Brembu et al. 2011 GSE31131
Exposure to a panel of pollutants Hook and Osborn, 2012 GSE34988
Acclimation to light and dark cycles Chauton et al. 2013 GSE42514
Darkness and re-illumination Nymark et al. 2013 GSE42039
Exposure to red, blue and green light Valle et al. 2014 GSE55959