PHATRDRAFT_42683 phospholipase c-delta1 (PI-PLCc_eukaryota)
Phaeodactylum tricornutum

Chromosome Product Transcript Start End Strand Short Name
PHATRDRAFT_42683 chr_1 phospholipase c-delta1 (PI-PLCc_eukaryota) 779867 782464 -
NCBI ID Ensembl Genomes exon ID
Not available Not available
Expression Profile Conditional Changes Cluster Dendrogram
Normalized Mean Residue
Name CD Accession Definition Superfamily Bitscore E-Value From - To Hit Type PSSM ID
PI-PLCc_eukaryota Catalytic domain of eukaryotic phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C and similar proteins; This... cl14615 340.967 1.22E-110 402 - 702 specific 176501
PI-PLCc_GDPD_SF superfamily Catalytic domain of phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C-like phosphodiesterases superfamily;... - 340.967 1.22E-110 402 - 702 superfamily 246675
C2_PLC_like C2 domain present in Phosphoinositide-specific phospholipases C (PLC); PLCs are involved in the... cl14603 128.813 1.99E-34 726 - 858 specific 175974
C2 superfamily C2 domain; The C2 domain was first identified in PKC. C2 domains fold into an 8-standed beta-... - 128.813 1.99E-34 726 - 858 superfamily 265430
EF-hand_like superfamily Phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C, efhand-like; Members of this family are predominantly... - 39.0938 0.000649748 309 - 397 superfamily 263714
PLN02222 phosphoinositide phospholipase C 2 - 191.011 6.28E-52 321 - 838 multi-dom 177868
T. pseudonana P. tricornutum P. tricornutum DiatomCyc F. cylindrus Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries E. huxleyi C. reinhardtii A. thaliana P. sojae
263246 Not available 193320 233390 Not available Not available AT2G40116.1 Not available
KEGG description KEGG Pathway
Not available Not available
Not available -
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