rhombomere formation

id: GO:0021594
name: rhombomere formation
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: The process that gives rise to the rhombomere. This process pertains to the initial formation of a structure from unspecified parts. Rhombomeres are transverse segments of the developing rhombencephalon. Rhombomeres are lineage restricted, express different genes from one another, and adopt different developmental fates.

Child Functions

GO:0021652rhombomere 1 formation
GO:0021657rhombomere 2 formation
GO:0021660rhombomere 3 formation
GO:0021663rhombomere 4 formation
GO:0021666rhombomere 5 formation
GO:0021669rhombomere 6 formation
GO:0021673rhombomere 7 formation
GO:0021677rhombomere 8 formation

Parent Functions

GO:0048646anatomical structure formation involved in morphogenesis