anatomical structure formation involved in morphogenesis

id: GO:0048646
name: anatomical structure formation involved in morphogenesis
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: The developmental process pertaining to the initial formation of an anatomical structure from unspecified parts. This process begins with the specific processes that contribute to the appearance of the discrete structure and ends when the structural rudiment is recognizable. An anatomical structure is any biological entity that occupies space and is distinguished from its surroundings. Anatomical structures can be macroscopic such as a carpel, or microscopic such as an acrosome.

Child Functions

GO:0001704formation of primary germ layer
GO:0001825blastocyst formation
GO:0003188heart valve formation
GO:0003207cardiac chamber formation
GO:0003272endocardial cushion formation
GO:0003315heart rudiment formation
GO:0003403optic vesicle formation
GO:0003408optic cup formation involved in camera-type eye development
GO:0006949syncytium formation
GO:0007293germarium-derived egg chamber formation
GO:0007370ventral furrow formation
GO:0007376cephalic furrow formation
GO:0010311lateral root formation
GO:0010346shoot formation
GO:0010376stomatal complex formation
GO:0010434bract formation
GO:0010618aerenchyma formation
GO:0010842retina layer formation
GO:0010927cellular component assembly involved in morphogenesis
GO:0014023neural rod formation
GO:0014025neural keel formation
GO:0014028notochord formation
GO:0021501prechordal plate formation
GO:0021502neural fold elevation formation
GO:0021504neural fold hinge point formation
GO:0021508floor plate formation
GO:0021509roof plate formation
GO:0021556central nervous system formation
GO:0021576hindbrain formation
GO:0021580medulla oblongata formation
GO:0021584pons formation
GO:0021588cerebellum formation
GO:0021594rhombomere formation
GO:0021603cranial nerve formation
GO:0021684cerebellar granular layer formation
GO:0021688cerebellar molecular layer formation
GO:0021694cerebellar Purkinje cell layer formation
GO:0021697cerebellar cortex formation
GO:0021705locus ceruleus formation
GO:0021715inferior olivary nucleus formation
GO:0021720superior olivary nucleus formation
GO:0021819layer formation in cerebral cortex
GO:0021990neural plate formation
GO:0030220platelet formation
GO:0030435sporulation resulting in formation of a cellular spore
GO:0030703eggshell formation
GO:0030916otic vesicle formation
GO:0032475otolith formation
GO:0035148tube formation
GO:0035202tracheal pit formation in open tracheal system
GO:0035474selective angioblast sprouting
GO:0035764dorsal motor nucleus of vagus nerve formation
GO:0035802adrenal cortex formation
GO:0035992tendon formation
GO:0046843dorsal appendage formation
GO:0046844micropyle formation
GO:0048315conidium formation
GO:0048458floral whorl formation
GO:0048460flower formation
GO:0048645organ formation
GO:0048656tapetal layer formation
GO:0048847adenohypophysis formation
GO:0048849neurohypophysis formation
GO:0048851hypophysis formation
GO:0048859formation of anatomical boundary
GO:0052095formation of specialized structure for nutrient acquisition from other organism involved in symbiotic interaction
GO:0060061Spemann organizer formation
GO:0060174limb bud formation
GO:0060214endocardium formation
GO:0060343trabecula formation
GO:0060464lung lobe formation
GO:0060592mammary gland formation
GO:0060615mammary gland bud formation
GO:0060659nipple sheath formation
GO:0060661submandibular salivary gland formation
GO:0060714labyrinthine layer formation
GO:0060788ectodermal placode formation
GO:0060876semicircular canal formation
GO:0060900embryonic camera-type eye formation
GO:0061195taste bud formation
GO:0061198fungiform papilla formation
GO:0071730beak formation
GO:0072003kidney rudiment formation
GO:0072033renal vesicle formation
GO:0072104glomerular capillary formation
GO:0072129renal capsule formation
GO:0072179nephric duct formation
GO:0072187metanephric cap formation
GO:0072564blood microparticle formation
GO:0075015formation of infection structure on or near host
GO:0075025initiation of appressorium on or near host
GO:0075057initiation of symbiont penetration peg
GO:0090009primitive streak formation
GO:0090014leaflet formation
GO:0090017anterior neural plate formation
GO:0090018posterior neural plate formation

Parent Functions

GO:0032502developmental process