Regulatory Modules

Displaying 111 - 120 of 162Methanococcus maripaludis S2
Title Motif 1 Motif 2 Residual Bicluster Genes Selected GO Terms
mmp-bicluster_0115 320 2000 0.49 MMP0038, MMP0039, MMP0040, MMP0118, MMP0579, MMP0580, MMP0865, MMP0883, MMP1279, MMP1711, MMP0165, MMP0233, MMP0403, MMP0632, MMP0666, MMP0689, MMP0918, MMP0942, MMP0948, MMP0969, MMP1069, MMP1186, MMP1290, MMP1317, MMP1430, MMP1471, MMP1704, MMP1722, MMP0607 aspartate family amino acid metabolic pr..., aspartate family amino acid biosynthetic..., ion transmembrane transporter activity, substrate-specific transmembrane transpo..., substrate-specific transporter activity
mmp-bicluster_0116 0.07 MMP1407, MMP1408, MMP1409, MMP1410, MMP1411, MMP1412, MMP1413, MMP1414 large ribosomal subunit, organic cyclic compound binding, heterocyclic compound binding, binding
mmp-bicluster_0117 21 34 0.42 MMP0225, MMP0439, MMP1461, MMP1619, MMP1679, MMP0030, MMP0052, MMP0226, MMP0289, MMP0788, MMP0849, MMP0992, MMP1088, MMP1118, MMP1330, MMP1447, MMP1452, MMP1453, MMP1662, MMP1665, MMP0177, MMP1454, MMP1456, MMP1459, MMP1241, MMP1235, MMP1236 transport, establishment of localization, Mo-molybdopterin cofactor biosynthetic p..., Mo-molybdopterin cofactor metabolic proc..., molybdopterin cofactor biosynthetic proc...
mmp-bicluster_0118 0.10 MMP1321, MMP1319, MMP1320, MMP1322, MMP1323, MMP1324, MMP1325, MMP1326 ribosome, organelle, non-membrane-bounded organelle, intracellular organelle, intracellular non-membrane-bounded organ...
mmp-bicluster_0119 6.5 2800 0.25 MMP1056, MMP0339, MMP0439, MMP0821, MMP0940, MMP1478, MMP1528, MMP1568, MMP1569 single-organism biosynthetic process
mmp-bicluster_0120 14000 14000 0.26 MMP0223, MMP1316, MMP1532, MMP0013, MMP0073, MMP0133, MMP0341, MMP0955, MMP1101, MMP1113, MMP1114, MMP1115, MMP1222, MMP1253, MMP1254, MMP1255, MMP1314, MMP0340 purine nucleotide biosynthetic process, purine nucleoside monophosphate biosynth..., purine ribonucleotide biosynthetic proce..., purine ribonucleoside monophosphate bios..., purine nucleotide metabolic process
mmp-bicluster_0121 16 200 0.24 MMP0001, MMP0631, MMP0002, MMP0054, MMP0055, MMP0630, MMP0684, MMP0686, MMP0787, MMP0885, MMP1002, MMP1003, MMP1004, MMP1005, MMP1006, MMP1007, MMP1008, MMP1599 aromatic amino acid family metabolic pro..., aromatic amino acid family biosynthetic ..., plasma membrane, cell periphery, carbon-carbon lyase activity
mmp-bicluster_0122 7.5 710 0.23 MMP0131, MMP0185, MMP0222, MMP0329, MMP0330, MMP1086, MMP1132, MMP1133, MMP1491, MMP1521, MMP0291, MMP0910, MMP0938, MMP1659 pyrimidine-containing compound metabolic..., pyrimidine-containing compound biosynthe..., vitamin metabolic process, water-soluble vitamin metabolic process, vitamin biosynthetic process
mmp-bicluster_0123 1500 4600 0.43 MMP0820, MMP1251, MMP1252, MMP1661, MMP1685, MMP0020, MMP0123, MMP0624, MMP0683, MMP0763, MMP0772, MMP0825, MMP0908, MMP1016, MMP1067, MMP1134, MMP1135, MMP1136, MMP1223, MMP1229, MMP1347, MMP1439, MMP1533, MMP1534, MMP1642, MMP0628, MMP1154, MMP1158, MMP1697, MMP1156, MMP1660 FMN binding, coenzyme binding, cofactor binding, iron-sulfur cluster binding, metal cluster binding
mmp-bicluster_0124 13 8700 0.42 MMP0546, MMP1633, MMP1634, MMP0148, MMP0253, MMP0347, MMP0348, MMP0562, MMP0563, MMP0613, MMP0977, MMP0978, MMP0979, MMP0980, MMP0981, MMP0982, MMP0983, MMP1100, MMP1258, MMP1468 iron-sulfur cluster binding, metal cluster binding, cation binding, acid-thiol ligase activity, 4 iron, 4 sulfur cluster binding