Regulatory Modules

Displaying 81 - 90 of 162Methanococcus maripaludis S2
Title Motif 1 Motif 2 Residual Bicluster Genes Selected GO Terms
mmp-bicluster_0084 0.11 MMP1160, MMP0913, MMP0914, MMP1154, MMP1155, MMP1156, MMP1157, MMP1158, MMP1159, MMP1161 cellular ion homeostasis, chemical homeostasis, ion homeostasis, cellular chemical homeostasis, inorganic ion homeostasis
mmp-bicluster_0085 1000 12000 0.38 MMP0018, MMP0161, MMP0424, MMP0454, MMP0459, MMP0512, MMP0522, MMP0523, MMP0538, MMP0731, MMP0794, MMP0807, MMP0828, MMP0835, MMP1179, MMP1268, MMP1423, MMP1501, MMP0140, MMP0211, MMP0478, MMP0517, MMP0565, MMP0789, MMP0892, MMP1125, MMP1173, MMP1180, MMP1535 macromolecule catabolic process, nucleobase-containing compound catabolic..., cellular macromolecule catabolic process, cellular nitrogen compound catabolic pro..., heterocycle catabolic process
mmp-bicluster_0086 0.23 700 0.27 MMP0100, MMP0340, MMP0341, MMP0910, MMP0919, MMP1222, MMP0160, MMP0285, MMP0287, MMP0590, MMP0713, MMP0714, MMP0715, MMP0814, MMP0815, MMP1128, MMP1196 xenobiotic metabolic process, response to xenobiotic stimulus, phenylacetate catabolic process, xenobiotic catabolic process, benzene-containing compound metabolic pr...
mmp-bicluster_0087 360 3800 0.23 MMP0033, MMP0036, MMP0092, MMP0246, MMP0247, MMP0248, MMP0403, MMP0404, MMP0603, MMP0604, MMP0707, MMP1582, MMP0155, MMP0316, MMP0384, MMP0398, MMP0412, MMP0671, MMP0878, MMP1425, MMP1480, MMP1710 RNA metabolic process
mmp-bicluster_0088 0.00000000000099 0.000058 0.21 RNA_13, RNA_16, RNA_2, RNA_20, RNA_21, RNA_22, RNA_23, RNA_24, RNA_26, RNA_27, RNA_3, RNA_5, RNA_50, RNA_7, RNA_8, RNA_9
mmp-bicluster_0089 0.000000023 700 0.42 MMP1210, MMP1211, MMP1212, MMP1243, MMP1652, MMP0407, MMP0571, MMP0866, MMP0867, MMP1095, MMP1096, MMP1097, MMP1098, MMP1099, MMP1213, MMP1244, MMP1245, MMP1246, MMP1247, MMP1248, MMP1249, MMP1441, MMP1555, MMP1556, MMP1557, MMP1558, MMP1559, MMP1609 cellular ion homeostasis, chemical homeostasis, ion homeostasis, cellular chemical homeostasis, inorganic ion homeostasis
mmp-bicluster_0090 3.5 340 0.45 MMP0434, MMP0728, MMP1100, MMP1165, MMP0277, MMP0278, MMP0279, MMP0280, MMP0295, MMP0302, MMP0321, MMP0344, MMP0476, MMP0477, MMP0533, MMP0622, MMP0658, MMP0725, MMP0729, MMP0735, MMP0791, MMP1166, MMP1167, MMP1224, MMP0996, MMP1164, MMP1553, MMP1633, MMP0997
mmp-bicluster_0091 0.08 MMP0156, MMP0157, MMP0158, MMP1365, MMP1366, MMP1367, MMP1368, MMP1369 ribosome, organelle, non-membrane-bounded organelle, intracellular organelle, intracellular non-membrane-bounded organ...
mmp-bicluster_0092 390 3300 0.41 MMP0530, MMP0566, MMP0943, MMP1361, MMP0043, MMP0099, MMP0134, MMP0405, MMP0457, MMP0682, MMP0695, MMP0975, MMP1211, MMP1379, MMP1380, MMP1381, MMP1396, MMP1511, MMP0026, MMP0639, MMP0640, MMP0641, MMP0760, MMP1289, MMP1319, MMP1443, MMP1480, MMP1543, MMP1710, MMP0036, MMP1400, MMP1403, MMP1444 RNA metabolic process, nucleic acid metabolic process, rRNA binding
mmp-bicluster_0093 2.2e-21 0.29 0.18 RNA_1, RNA_28, RNA_10, RNA_11, RNA_12, RNA_15, RNA_18, RNA_21, RNA_25, RNA_29, RNA_30, RNA_32, RNA_35, RNA_4