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Advanced Search Help
Search is available in two categories. You can search for genes or you can search for regulatory modules. It is also possible to restrict the search to specific organisms.

Select organism of interest from the "Organism" pull-down menu or select "All" to include all organisms available.

Gene Search

In order to search for genes, select a field from the pull down menu. Currently, we support "Name" (Default), "Locus Tag" and "Function". e.g Name: DVU3023, Locus tag: BC0478 and Function: electron transport

Search results will be presented as table that includes columns "Species", "Gene" and "Description".

Module Search

Module search currently supports 4 fields. The default is "no-filters" and will bring all the modules. Other available searchable fields are "Residual", "Contains gene", "Regulated by", and "Enriched for function"
Residual: Indicative of how tight is the co-expression between the member genes of the module. Smaller residual values indicate better co-expression.
Contains gene: This will list modules that includes query gene(s)
Regulated by: Modules that are regulated by the qery gene(s) will be shown
Enriched for function: Modules that are calculated to be enriched for the query function will be shown.

Results table lists "Module", "residual", "Motif 1 e-value" and "Motif 2 e-value"