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Example 1: DVU0848 DVU0694 DVU0693 DVU0778 DVU0846 (Click to add)

Example 2: thioredoxin, oxidative (Click to add)

Search Help

Enter you search terms in the box and click "Submit". All the fields in the database will be searched to match the query. You query could be gene names or functions. You can switch to "Advanced Search" anytime to build more specific queries.

Results will be presented as table of search results containing the columns "Genes", "Description", "Regulated by", "Regulates" and "In modules".

Genes: Link to genes matching to query
Description: Description of the gene
Regulated by: List of Transcription factors or environmental factors identified by Inferelator to influence this gene.
Regulates: If the matching gene is a transcription factor, modules that are regulated by this transcription factor will be listed.
In Modules: Modules that contain this gene will be listed

There is a checkbox next to each row. Selecting a particular gene or genes will enable the link under the table to access the cytoscape web network of all the modules that includes these genes.