Explore network modules for Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron VPI-5482

Use residual and motif e-value sliders to filter modules

Residual: 0-0.3 Motif e-value 0-10
This is the section to display the module list


BT_4366 NP_808928.1 BT_0015 NP_808950.1 BT_0037 NP_809023.1 BT_0110 NP_809034.1 BT_0121 NP_809051.1 BT_0138 NP_809052.1 BT_0139 NP_809069.1 BT_0156 NP_809101.1 BT_0188 NP_809151.1 BT_0238 NP_809153.1 BT_0240 NP_809161.1 BT_0248 NP_809165.1 BT_0252 NP_809180.1 BT_0267 NP_809239.1 BT_0326 NP_809279.1 BT_0366 NP_809289.1 BT_0376 NP_809346.1 BT_0433 NP_809375.1 BT_0462 NP_809400.1 BT_0487 NP_809420.1 BT_0507 NP_809433.1 BT_0520 NP_809472.1 BT_0559 NP_809495.1 BT_0582 NP_809509.1 BT_0596 NP_809548.1 BT_0635 NP_809549.1 BT_0636 NP_809601.1 BT_0688 NP_809603.1 BT_0690 NP_809641.1 BT_0728 NP_809642.1 BT_0729 NP_809665.1 BT_0752 NP_809673.1 BT_0760 NP_809710.1 BT_0797 NP_809725.1 BT_0812 NP_809737.1 BT_0824 NP_809763.1 BT_0850 NP_809769.1 BT_0856 NP_809803.1 BT_0890 NP_809871.1 BT_0958 NP_809878.1 BT_0965 NP_809879.1 BT_0966 NP_809891.1 BT_0978 NP_809894.1 BT_0981 NP_809908.1 BT_0995 NP_809966.1 BT_1053 NP_809982.1 BT_1069 NP_809991.1 BT_1078 NP_810003.1 BT_1090 NP_810016.1 BT_1103 NP_810036.1 BT_1123 NP_810046.1 BT_1133 NP_810100.1 BT_1187 NP_810101.1 BT_1188 NP_810110.1 BT_1197 NP_810148.1 BT_1235 NP_810164.1 BT_1251 NP_810175.1 BT_1262 NP_810185.1 BT_1272 NP_810191.1 BT_1278 NP_810199.1 BT_1286 NP_810217.1 BT_1304 NP_810224.1 BT_1311 NP_810233.1 BT_1320 NP_810271.1 BT_1358 NP_810298.1 BT_1385 NP_810309.1 BT_1396 NP_810317.1 BT_1404 NP_810319.1 BT_1406 NP_810326.1 BT_1413 NP_810343.1 BT_1430 NP_810347.1 BT_1434 NP_810382.1 BT_1469 NP_810442.1 BT_1529 NP_810453.1 BT_1540 NP_810472.1 BT_1559 NP_810485.1 BT_1572 NP_810530.1 BT_1617 NP_810548.1 BT_1635 NP_810569.1 BT_1656 NP_810638.1 BT_1725 NP_810641.1 BT_1728 NP_810647.1 BT_1734 NP_810667.1 BT_1754 NP_810680.1 BT_1767 NP_810710.1 BT_1797 NP_810730.1 BT_1817 NP_810757.1 BT_1844 NP_810760.1 BT_1847 NP_810781.1 BT_1868 NP_810790.1 BT_1877 NP_810797.1 BT_1884 NP_810801.1 BT_1888 NP_810817.1 BT_1904 NP_810819.1 BT_1906 NP_810820.1 BT_1907 NP_810876.1 BT_1963 NP_810877.1 BT_1964 NP_810881.1 BT_1968 NP_810897.1 BT_1984 NP_810957.1 BT_2044 NP_810962.1 BT_2049 NP_811009.1 BT_2096 NP_811016.1 BT_2103 NP_811017.1 BT_2104 NP_811033.1 BT_2120 NP_811073.1 BT_2160 NP_811077.1 BT_2164 NP_811082.1 BT_2169 NP_811084.1 BT_2171 NP_811094.1 BT_2181 NP_811097.1 BT_2184 NP_811110.1 BT_2197 NP_811111.1 BT_2198 NP_811139.1 BT_2226 NP_811221.1 BT_2308 NP_811223.1 BT_2310 NP_811233.1 BT_2320 NP_811251.1 BT_2338 NP_811255.1 BT_2342 NP_811269.1 BT_2356 NP_811273.1 BT_2360 NP_811285.1 BT_2372 NP_811296.1 BT_2383 NP_811299.1 BT_2386 NP_811304.1 BT_2391 NP_811321.1 BT_2408 NP_811346.1 BT_2433 NP_811348.1 BT_2435 NP_811376.1 BT_2463 NP_811395.1 BT_2482 NP_811405.1 BT_2492 NP_811422.1 BT_2509 NP_811424.1 BT_2511 NP_811434.1 BT_2521 NP_811459.1 BT_2546 NP_811467.1 BT_2554 NP_811474.1 BT_2561 NP_811475.1 BT_2562 NP_811478.1 BT_2565 NP_811482.1 BT_2569 NP_811531.1 BT_2618 NP_811541.1 BT_2628 NP_811564.1 BT_2651 NP_811601.1 BT_2689 NP_811613.1 BT_2701 NP_811645.1 BT_2733 NP_811651.1 BT_2739 NP_811690.1 BT_2778 NP_811695.1 BT_2783 NP_811704.1 BT_2792 NP_811738.1 BT_2826 NP_811772.1 BT_2860 NP_811798.1 BT_2886 NP_811801.1 BT_2889 NP_811809.1 BT_2897 NP_811822.1 BT_2910 NP_811835.1 BT_2923 NP_811844.1 BT_2932 NP_811851.1 BT_2939 NP_811869.1 BT_2957 NP_811883.1 BT_2971 NP_811885.1 BT_2973 NP_811887.1 BT_2975 NP_811890.1 BT_2978 NP_811913.1 BT_3001 NP_811922.1 BT_3010 NP_811923.1 BT_3011 NP_811949.1 BT_3037 NP_811950.1 BT_3038 NP_811961.1 BT_3049 NP_811964.1 BT_3052 NP_811970.1 BT_3058 NP_812003.1 BT_3091 NP_812009.1 BT_3097 NP_812034.1 BT_3122 NP_812046.1 BT_3134 NP_812058.1 BT_3146 NP_812062.1 BT_3150 NP_812064.1 BT_3152 NP_812084.1 BT_3172 NP_812102.1 BT_3190 NP_812108.1 BT_3196 NP_812181.1 BT_3269 NP_812182.1 BT_3270 NP_812189.1 BT_3277 NP_812214.1 BT_3302 NP_812221.1 BT_3309 NP_812239.1 BT_3327 NP_812246.1 BT_3334 NP_812308.1 BT_3396 NP_812369.1 BT_3457 NP_812377.1 BT_3465 NP_812429.1 BT_3517 NP_812430.1 BT_3518 NP_812468.1 BT_3556 NP_812520.1 BT_3609 NP_812524.1 BT_3613 NP_812571.1 BT_3660 NP_812578.1 BT_3667 NP_812588.1 BT_3677 NP_812589.1 BT_3678 NP_812641.1 BT_3730 NP_812649.1 BT_3738 NP_812659.1 BT_3748 NP_812667.1 BT_3756 NP_812673.1 BT_3762 NP_812679.1 BT_3768 NP_812681.1 BT_3770 NP_812697.1 BT_3786 NP_812711.1 BT_3800 NP_812712.1 BT_3801 NP_812738.1 BT_3827 NP_812810.1 BT_3899 NP_812862.1 BT_3951 NP_812868.1 BT_3957 NP_812885.1 BT_3974 NP_812903.1 BT_3992 NP_812904.1 BT_3993 NP_812908.1 BT_3997 NP_812946.1 BT_4035 NP_812965.1 BT_4054 NP_812980.1 BT_4069 NP_812981.1 BT_4070 NP_813022.1 BT_4111 NP_813035.1 BT_4124 NP_813048.1 BT_4137 NP_813053.1 BT_4142 NP_813089.1 BT_4178 NP_813093.1 BT_4182 NP_813109.1 BT_4198 NP_813140.1 BT_4229 NP_813147.1 BT_4236 NP_813161.1 BT_4250 NP_813211.1 BT_4300 NP_813249.1 BT_4338 NP_813258.1 BT_4347 NP_813266.1 BT_4355 NP_813267.1 BT_4356 NP_813286.1 BT_4375 NP_813307.1 BT_4396 NP_813313.1 BT_4402 NP_813372.1 BT_4461 NP_813435.1 BT_4524 NP_813441.1 BT_4530 NP_813445.1 BT_4534 NP_813482.1 BT_4571 NP_813502.1 BT_4591 NP_813510.1 BT_4599 NP_813527.1 BT_4616 NP_813541.1 BT_4630 NP_813546.1 BT_4635 NP_813547.1 BT_4636 NP_813554.1 BT_4643 NP_813555.1 BT_4644 NP_813558.1 BT_4647 NP_813574.1 BT_4663 NP_813584.1 BT_4673 NP_813608.1 BT_4697 NP_813616.1 BT_4705 NP_813627.1 BT_4716 NP_813631.1 BT_4720 NP_813633.1 BT_4722
Network Exploration Help

This page gives you overview of the network modules for a particular organism. You can explore these modules by using various filters.

Currently we support two filters, Residual and Motif e-values. Network modules are loaded with default residual and motif e-value filters. In order to change filters, simply move the slider to select the desired range. Results table will automatically update to reflect your filter selections. If you would like to remove filters, click on "Reset Filters" button.

Network Table

Network table will show the following columns for each module.

Module: Number of the module for the given version of the network.

Residual: is a measure of bicluster quality. Mean bicluster residual is smaller when the expression profile of the genes in the module is "tighter". So smaller residuals are usually indicative of better bicluster quality.

Expression Profile: is a preview of the expression profiles of all the genes under subset of conditions included in the module. Tighter expression profiles are usually indicative of better bicluster quality.

Motif e-value: cMonkey tries to identify two motifs per modules in the upstream sequences of the module member genes. Motif e-value is an indicative of the motif co-occurences between the members of the module.Smaller e-values are indicative of significant sequence motifs. Our experience showed that e-values smaller than 10 are generally indicative of significant motifs.

Genes: Number of genes included in the module.

Functions: We identify functional enrichment of each module by camparing to different functional categories such as KEGG, COG, GO etc. by using hypergeometric function. If the module is significantly enriched for any of the functions, this column will list few of the these functions as an overview. Full list of functions is available upon visiting the module page under the Functions tab.


Inferelator algorithm identifies most probable regulatory influences for each module. These influences can be transcription factors or environmental factors. Influences section lists all the regulators that have influences on modules. Click on the regulator name If you would like to access which modules are regulated by these regulators.