PHATRDRAFT_35813 atp binding alanine-trna ligase (PLN02961)
Phaeodactylum tricornutum

Chromosome Product Transcript Start End Strand Short Name
PHATRDRAFT_35813 chr_8 atp binding alanine-trna ligase (PLN02961) 800449 801282 +
NCBI ID Ensembl Genomes exon ID
Not available Not available
Expression Profile Conditional Changes Cluster Dendrogram
Normalized Mean Residue
Name CD Accession Definition Superfamily Bitscore E-Value From - To Hit Type PSSM ID
PLN02961 alanine-tRNA ligase cl08469 318.18 3.20E-109 48 - 273 specific 178546
tRNA_SAD superfamily Threonyl and Alanyl tRNA synthetase second additional domain; The catalytically active from of... - 318.18 3.20E-109 48 - 273 superfamily 263673
COG2872 Predicted metal-dependent hydrolases related to alanyl-tRNA synthetase HxxxH domain [General... - 99.7526 5.59E-25 14 - 269 multi-dom 225427
T. pseudonana P. tricornutum P. tricornutum DiatomCyc F. cylindrus Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries E. huxleyi C. reinhardtii A. thaliana P. sojae
11693 Not available Not available 250503 Not available Not available AT3G16565.2 Not available
KEGG description KEGG Pathway
Not available Not available
Not available -
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