cell division

id: GO:0051301
name: cell division
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: The process resulting in the physical partitioning and separation of a cell into daughter cells.

Child Functions

GO:0003423growth plate cartilage chondrocyte division
GO:0007114cell budding
GO:0007284spermatogonial cell division
GO:0008356asymmetric cell division
GO:0010481epidermal cell division
GO:0014872myoblast division
GO:0017145stem cell division
GO:0021864radial glial cell division in forebrain
GO:0021869forebrain ventricular zone progenitor cell division
GO:0022015radial glial cell division in pallium
GO:0040016embryonic cleavage
GO:0048137spermatocyte division
GO:0048860glioblast division

Parent Functions

GO:0009987cellular process