Lipid Metabolism

id: None
name: Lipid Metabolism
namespace: kegg subcategory
type: kegg
obsolete: False

Child Functions

path:00061Fatty acid biosynthesis
path:00062Fatty acid elongation
path:00071Fatty acid metabolism
path:00072Synthesis and degradation of ketone bodies
path:00073Cutin suberine and wax biosynthesis
path:00100Steroid biosynthesis
path:00120Primary bile acid biosynthesis
path:00121Secondary bile acid biosynthesis
path:00140Steroid hormone biosynthesis
path:00561Glycerolipid metabolism
path:00564Glycerophospholipid metabolism
path:00565Ether lipid metabolism
path:00590Arachidonic acid metabolism
path:00591Linoleic acid metabolism
path:00592alpha-Linolenic acid metabolism
path:00600Sphingolipid metabolism
path:01004Lipid biosynthesis proteins
path:01040Biosynthesis of unsaturated fatty acids

Parent Functions