Replication, recombination and repair

id: L
name: Replication, recombination and repair
namespace: cog subcategory
type: cog
obsolete: False

Child Functions

COG0084Mg-dependent DNase
COG0116Predicted N6-adenine-specific DNA methylase
COG01223-methyladenine DNA glycosylase/8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase
COG0164Ribonuclease HII
COG0177Predicted EndoIII-related endonuclease
COG0178Excinuclease ATPase subunit
COG0187Type IIA topoisomerase (DNA gyrase/topo II, topoisomerase IV), B subunit
COG0188Type IIA topoisomerase (DNA gyrase/topo II, topoisomerase IV), A subunit
COG0210Superfamily I DNA and RNA helicases
COG0249Mismatch repair ATPase (MutS family)
COG02585'-3' exonuclease (including N-terminal domain of PolI)
COG0266Formamidopyrimidine-DNA glycosylase
COG0270Site-specific DNA methylase
COG0272NAD-dependent DNA ligase (contains BRCT domain type II)
COG0305Replicative DNA helicase
COG0322Nuclease subunit of the excinuclease complex
COG0323DNA mismatch repair enzyme (predicted ATPase)
COG0328Ribonuclease HI
COG0338Site-specific DNA methylase
COG0350Methylated DNA-protein cysteine methyltransferase
COG0353Recombinational DNA repair protein (RecF pathway)
COG0358DNA primase (bacterial type)
COG0389Nucleotidyltransferase/DNA polymerase involved in DNA repair
COG0415Deoxyribodipyrimidine photolyase
COG0417DNA polymerase elongation subunit (family B)
COG0419ATPase involved in DNA repair
COG0420DNA repair exonuclease
COG0468RecA/RadA recombinase
COG0470ATPase involved in DNA replication
COG0494NTP pyrophosphohydrolases including oxidative damage repair enzymes
COG0497ATPase involved in DNA repair
COG0507ATP-dependent exoDNAse (exonuclease V), alpha subunit - helicase superfamily I member
COG0513Superfamily II DNA and RNA helicases
COG0514Superfamily II DNA helicase
COG0515Serine/threonine protein kinase
COG0550Topoisomerase IA
COG0551Zn-finger domain associated with topoisomerase type I
COG0553Superfamily II DNA/RNA helicases, SNF2 family
COG0556Helicase subunit of the DNA excision repair complex
COG0587DNA polymerase III, alpha subunit
COG0592DNA polymerase sliding clamp subunit (PCNA homolog)
COG0593ATPase involved in DNA replication initiation
COG0608Single-stranded DNA-specific exonuclease
COG0629Single-stranded DNA-binding protein
COG0632Holliday junction resolvasome, DNA-binding subunit
COG0648Endonuclease IV
COG0675Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG0692Uracil DNA glycosylase
COG0708Exonuclease III
COG0742N6-adenine-specific methylase
COG0749DNA polymerase I - 3'-5' exonuclease and polymerase domains
COG0758Predicted Rossmann fold nucleotide-binding protein involved in DNA uptake
COG0776Bacterial nucleoid DNA-binding protein
COG0792Predicted endonuclease distantly related to archaeal Holliday junction resolvase
COG0816Predicted endonuclease involved in recombination (possible Holliday junction resolvase in Mycoplasmas and B. subtilis)
COG0817Holliday junction resolvasome, endonuclease subunit
COG0827Adenine-specific DNA methylase
COG0847DNA polymerase III, epsilon subunit and related 3'-5' exonucleases
COG0863DNA modification methylase
COG1039Ribonuclease HIII
COG1041Predicted DNA modification methylase
COG1059Thermostable 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase
COG1061DNA or RNA helicases of superfamily II
COG1074ATP-dependent exoDNAse (exonuclease V) beta subunit (contains helicase and exonuclease domains)
COG1107Archaea-specific RecJ-like exonuclease, contains DnaJ-type Zn finger domain
COG1110Reverse gyrase
COG1111ERCC4-like helicases
COG1112Superfamily I DNA and RNA helicases and helicase subunits
COG1193Mismatch repair ATPase (MutS family)
COG1194A/G-specific DNA glycosylase
COG1195Recombinational DNA repair ATPase (RecF pathway)
COG1197Transcription-repair coupling factor (superfamily II helicase)
COG1198Primosomal protein N' (replication factor Y) - superfamily II helicase
COG1199Rad3-related DNA helicases
COG1200RecG-like helicase
COG1241Predicted ATPase involved in replication control, Cdc46/Mcm family
COG1311Archaeal DNA polymerase II, small subunit/DNA polymerase delta, subunit B
COG1315Predicted polymerase, most proteins contain PALM domain, HD hydrolase domain and Zn-ribbon domain
COG1330Exonuclease V gamma subunit
COG1332Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in DNA repair (RAMP superfamily)
COG1336Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in DNA repair (RAMP superfamily)
COG1337Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in DNA repair (RAMP superfamily)
COG1343Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in DNA repair
COG1367Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in DNA repair (RAMP superfamily)
COG1372Intein/homing endonuclease
COG1381Recombinational DNA repair protein (RecF pathway)
COG1389DNA topoisomerase VI, subunit B
COG1421Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in DNA repair
COG1423ATP-dependent DNA ligase, homolog of eukaryotic ligase III
COG1466DNA polymerase III, delta subunit
COG1467Eukaryotic-type DNA primase, catalytic (small) subunit
COG1468RecB family exonuclease
COG1474Cdc6-related protein, AAA superfamily ATPase
COG1484DNA replication protein
COG1515Deoxyinosine 3'endonuclease (endonuclease V)
COG1517Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in DNA repair
COG1518Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in DNA repair
COG1525Micrococcal nuclease (thermonuclease) homologs
COG1533DNA repair photolyase
COG1555DNA uptake protein and related DNA-binding proteins
COG1567Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in DNA repair (RAMP superfamily)
COG1570Exonuclease VII, large subunit
COG1573Uracil-DNA glycosylase
COG1583Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in DNA repair (RAMP superfamily)
COG1591Holliday junction resolvase - archaeal type
COG1599Single-stranded DNA-binding replication protein A (RPA), large (70 kD) subunit and related ssDNA-binding proteins
COG1604Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in DNA repair (RAMP superfamily)
COG1637Predicted nuclease of the RecB family
COG1643HrpA-like helicases
COG1658Small primase-like proteins (Toprim domain)
COG1662Transposase and inactivated derivatives, IS1 family
COG1688Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in DNA repair (RAMP superfamily)
COG1697DNA topoisomerase VI, subunit A
COG1722Exonuclease VII small subunit
COG1743Adenine-specific DNA methylase containing a Zn-ribbon
COG1769Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in DNA repair (RAMP superfamily)
COG1793ATP-dependent DNA ligase
COG1796DNA polymerase IV (family X)
COG1857Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in DNA repair
COG1933Archaeal DNA polymerase II, large subunit
COG1943Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG1948ERCC4-type nuclease
COG1961Site-specific recombinases, DNA invertase Pin homologs
COG2003DNA repair proteins
COG20943-methyladenine DNA glycosylase
COG2176DNA polymerase III, alpha subunit (gram-positive type)
COG2189Adenine specific DNA methylase Mod
COG2219Eukaryotic-type DNA primase, large subunit
COG2231Uncharacterized protein related to Endonuclease III
COG2254Predicted HD superfamily hydrolase, possibly a nuclease
COG2255Holliday junction resolvasome, helicase subunit
COG2256ATPase related to the helicase subunit of the Holliday junction resolvase
COG2356Endonuclease I
COG2452Predicted site-specific integrase-resolvase
COG2801Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG2812DNA polymerase III, gamma/tau subunits
COG2816NTP pyrophosphohydrolases containing a Zn-finger, probably nucleic-acid-binding
COG28183-methyladenine DNA glycosylase
COG2826Transposase and inactivated derivatives, IS30 family
COG2827Predicted endonuclease containing a URI domain
COG2887RecB family exonuclease
COG2901Factor for inversion stimulation Fis, transcriptional activator
COG2925Exonuclease I
COG2927DNA polymerase III, chi subunit
COG2946Putative phage replication protein RstA
COG2963Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG2965Primosomal replication protein N
COG2974DNA recombination-dependent growth factor C
COG3039Transposase and inactivated derivatives, IS5 family
COG3050DNA polymerase III, psi subunit
COG3057Negative regulator of replication initiationR
COG3066DNA mismatch repair protein
COG3077DNA-damage-inducible protein J
COG3145Alkylated DNA repair protein
COG3285Predicted eukaryotic-type DNA primase
COG3293Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG3298Predicted 3'-5' exonuclease related to the exonuclease domain of PolB
COG3316Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG3328Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG3335Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG3337Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in DNA repair
COG3344Retron-type reverse transcriptase
COG3359Predicted exonuclease
COG3385FOG: Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG3392Adenine-specific DNA methylase
COG3415Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG3436Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG3449DNA gyrase inhibitor
COG3464Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG3547Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG3569Topoisomerase IB
COG3593Predicted ATP-dependent endonuclease of the OLD family
COG3598RecA-family ATPase
COG3611Replication initiation/membrane attachment protein
COG3649Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in DNA repair
COG3663G:T/U mismatch-specific DNA glycosylase
COG3666Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG3676Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG3677Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG3695Predicted methylated DNA-protein cysteine methyltransferase
COG3723Recombinational DNA repair protein (RecE pathway)
COG3727DNA G:T-mismatch repair endonuclease
COG3728Phage terminase, small subunit
COG3747Phage terminase, small subunit
COG3780DNA endonuclease related to intein-encoded endonucleases
COG3857ATP-dependent nuclease, subunit B
COG3886Predicted HKD family nuclease
COG3893Inactivated superfamily I helicase
COG3923Primosomal replication protein N''
COG3935Putative primosome component and related proteins
COG4080RecB-family nuclease
COG4098Superfamily II DNA/RNA helicase required for DNA uptake (late competence protein)
COG4119Predicted NTP pyrophosphohydrolase
COG4220Phage DNA packaging protein, Nu1 subunit of terminase
COG4227Antirestriction protein
COG4294UV damage repair endonuclease
COG4335DNA alkylation repair enzyme
COG4389Site-specific recombinase
COG4570Holliday junction resolvase
COG4581Superfamily II RNA helicase
COG4584Transposase and inactivated derivatives
COG4644Transposase and inactivated derivatives, TnpA family
COG4646DNA methylase
COG4912Predicted DNA alkylation repair enzyme
COG4973Site-specific recombinase XerC
COG4974Site-specific recombinase XerD
COG4998Predicted endonuclease (RecB family)
COG5032Phosphatidylinositol kinase and protein kinases of the PI-3 kinase family
COG50495'-3' exonuclease
COG5055Recombination DNA repair protein (RAD52 pathway)
COG5067Protein kinase essential for the initiation of DNA replication
COG5142Oxidation resistance protein
COG5144RNA polymerase II transcription initiation/nucleotide excision repair factor TFIIH, subunit TFB2
COG5145DNA excision repair protein
COG5151RNA polymerase II transcription initiation/nucleotide excision repair factor TFIIH, subunit SSL1
COG5165Nucleosome-binding factor SPN, POB3 subunit
COG5214DNA polymerase alpha-primase complex, polymerase-associated subunit B
COG5220Cdk activating kinase (CAK)/RNA polymerase II transcription initiation/nucleotide excision repair factor TFIIH, subunit TFB3
COG5235Single-stranded DNA-binding replication protein A (RPA), medium (30 kD) subunit
COG5241Nucleotide excision repair endonuclease NEF1, RAD10 subunit
COG5242RNA polymerase II transcription initiation/nucleotide excision repair factor TFIIH, subunit TFB4
COG5260DNA polymerase sigma
COG5333Cdk activating kinase (CAK)/RNA polymerase II transcription initiation/nucleotide excision repair factor TFIIH/TFIIK, cyclin H subunit
COG5377Phage-related protein, predicted endonuclease
COG5406Nucleosome binding factor SPN, SPT16 subunit
COG5519Superfamily II helicase and inactivated derivatives
COG5527Protein involved in initiation of plasmid replication
COG5534Plasmid replication initiator protein
COG5535DNA repair protein RAD4
COG5575Origin recognition complex, subunit 2
COG5600Transcription-associated recombination protein
COG5627DNA repair protein MMS21
COG5655Plasmid rolling circle replication initiator protein and truncated derivatives
COG5659FOG: Transposase

Parent Functions

35630Information storage and processing