Cell motility

id: N
name: Cell motility
namespace: cog subcategory
type: cog
obsolete: False

Child Functions

COG0630Type IV secretory pathway, VirB11 components, and related ATPases involved in archaeal flagella biosynthesis
COG0643Chemotaxis protein histidine kinase and related kinases
COG0835Chemotaxis signal transduction protein
COG0840Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein
COG1157Flagellar biosynthesis/type III secretory pathway ATPase
COG1256Flagellar hook-associated protein
COG1261Flagellar basal body P-ring biosynthesis protein
COG1291Flagellar motor component
COG1298Flagellar biosynthesis pathway, component FlhA
COG1317Flagellar biosynthesis/type III secretory pathway protein
COG1334Uncharacterized flagellar protein FlaG
COG1338Flagellar biosynthesis pathway, component FliP
COG1344Flagellin and related hook-associated proteins
COG1345Flagellar capping protein
COG1352Methylase of chemotaxis methyl-accepting proteins
COG1360Flagellar motor protein
COG1377Flagellar biosynthesis pathway, component FlhB
COG1406Predicted inhibitor of MCP methylation, homolog of CheC
COG1419Flagellar GTP-binding protein
COG1450Type II secretory pathway, component PulD
COG1459Type II secretory pathway, component PulF
COG1516Flagellin-specific chaperone FliS
COG1536Flagellar motor switch protein
COG1558Flagellar basal body rod protein
COG1580Flagellar basal body-associated protein
COG1582Uncharacterized protein, possibly involved in motility
COG1677Flagellar hook-basal body protein
COG1681Archaeal flagellins
COG1684Flagellar biosynthesis pathway, component FliR
COG1705Muramidase (flagellum-specific)
COG1706Flagellar basal-body P-ring protein
COG1724Predicted periplasmic or secreted lipoprotein
COG1749Flagellar hook protein FlgE
COG1766Flagellar biosynthesis/type III secretory pathway lipoprotein
COG1776Chemotaxis protein CheC, inhibitor of MCP methylation
COG1815Flagellar basal body protein
COG1843Flagellar hook capping protein
COG1868Flagellar motor switch protein
COG1871Chemotaxis protein; stimulates methylation of MCP proteins
COG1886Flagellar motor switch/type III secretory pathway protein
COG1955Archaeal flagella assembly protein J
COG1987Flagellar biosynthesis pathway, component FliQ
COG1989Type II secretory pathway, prepilin signal peptidase PulO and related peptidases
COG2063Flagellar basal body L-ring protein
COG2064Flp pilus assembly protein TadC
COG2165Type II secretory pathway, pseudopilin PulG
COG2201Chemotaxis response regulator containing a CheY-like receiver domain and a methylesterase domain
COG2747Negative regulator of flagellin synthesis (anti-sigma28 factor)
COG2804Type II secretory pathway, ATPase PulE/Tfp pilus assembly pathway, ATPase PilB
COG2805Tfp pilus assembly protein, pilus retraction ATPase PilT
COG2874Predicted ATPases involved in biogenesis of archaeal flagella
COG2882Flagellar biosynthesis chaperone
COG3063Tfp pilus assembly protein PilF
COG3121P pilus assembly protein, chaperone PapD
COG3143Chemotaxis protein
COG3144Flagellar hook-length control protein
COG3166Tfp pilus assembly protein PilN
COG3167Tfp pilus assembly protein PilO
COG3168Tfp pilus assembly protein PilP
COG3170Tfp pilus assembly protein FimV
COG3188P pilus assembly protein, porin PapC
COG3190Flagellar biogenesis protein
COG3215Tfp pilus assembly protein PilZ
COG3225ABC-type uncharacterized transport system involved in gliding motility, auxiliary component
COG3351Putative archaeal flagellar protein D/E
COG3352Putative archaeal flagellar protein C
COG3353Putative archaeal flagellar protein F
COG3354Putative archaeal flagellar protein G
COG3418Flagellar biosynthesis/type III secretory pathway chaperone
COG3419Tfp pilus assembly protein, tip-associated adhesin PilY1
COG3539P pilus assembly protein, pilin FimA
COG3678P pilus assembly/Cpx signaling pathway, periplasmic inhibitor/zinc-resistance associated protein
COG3951Rod binding protein
COG4726Tfp pilus assembly protein PilX
COG4786Flagellar basal body rod protein
COG4787Flagellar basal body rod protein
COG4862Negative regulator of genetic competence, sporulation and motility
COG4966Tfp pilus assembly protein PilW
COG4967Tfp pilus assembly protein PilV
COG4968Tfp pilus assembly protein PilE
COG4969Tfp pilus assembly protein, major pilin PilA
COG4970Tfp pilus assembly protein FimT
COG4972Tfp pilus assembly protein, ATPase PilM
COG5008Tfp pilus assembly protein, ATPase PilU
COG5268Type IV secretory pathway, TrbD component
COG5442Flagellar biosynthesis regulator FlaF
COG5443Flagellar biosynthesis regulator FlbT
COG5461Type IV pili component
COG5491Conserved protein implicated in secretion
COG5492Bacterial surface proteins containing Ig-like domains
COG5555Cytolysin, a secreted calcineurin-like phosphatase
COG5567Predicted small periplasmic lipoprotein
COG5571Autotransporter protein or domain, integral membrane beta-barrel involved in protein secretion
COG5603Subunit of TRAPP, an ER-Golgi tethering complex
COG5622Protein required for attachment to host cells
COG5651PPE-repeat proteins

Parent Functions

35631Cellular processes and signaling