Posttranslational modification, protein turnover, chaperones

id: O
name: Posttranslational modification, protein turnover, chaperones
namespace: cog subcategory
type: cog
obsolete: False

Child Functions

COG0068Hydrogenase maturation factor
COG0071Molecular chaperone (small heat shock protein)
COG0109Polyprenyltransferase (cytochrome oxidase assembly factor)
COG0225Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase
COG0229Conserved domain frequently associated with peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase
COG0234Co-chaperonin GroES (HSP10)
COG0265Trypsin-like serine proteases, typically periplasmic, contain C-terminal PDZ domain
COG0278Glutaredoxin-related protein
COG0298Hydrogenase maturation factor
COG0309Hydrogenase maturation factor
COG0326Molecular chaperone, HSP90 family
COG0330Membrane protease subunits, stomatin/prohibitin homologs
COG0378Ni2+-binding GTPase involved in regulation of expression and maturation of urease and hydrogenase
COG0386Glutathione peroxidase
COG0396ABC-type transport system involved in Fe-S cluster assembly, ATPase component
COG0409Hydrogenase maturation factor
COG0425Predicted redox protein, regulator of disulfide bond formation
COG0435Predicted glutathione S-transferase
COG0443Molecular chaperone
COG0459Chaperonin GroEL (HSP60 family)
COG0464ATPases of the AAA+ class
COG0465ATP-dependent Zn proteases
COG0466ATP-dependent Lon protease, bacterial type
COG0484DnaJ-class molecular chaperone with C-terminal Zn finger domain
COG0492Thioredoxin reductase
COG0501Zn-dependent protease with chaperone function
COG0526Thiol-disulfide isomerase and thioredoxins
COG0533Metal-dependent proteases with possible chaperone activity
COG0542ATPases with chaperone activity, ATP-binding subunit
COG0544FKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase (trigger factor)
COG0545FKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerases 1
COG0555ABC-type sulfate transport system, permease component
COG0576Molecular chaperone GrpE (heat shock protein)
COG0602Organic radical activating enzymes
COG0606Predicted ATPase with chaperone activity
COG0616Periplasmic serine proteases (ClpP class)
COG0625Glutathione S-transferase
COG063820S proteasome, alpha and beta subunits
COG0652Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase (rotamase) - cyclophilin family
COG0691tmRNA-binding protein
COG0694Thioredoxin-like proteins and domains
COG0695Glutaredoxin and related proteins
COG0719ABC-type transport system involved in Fe-S cluster assembly, permease component
COG0740Protease subunit of ATP-dependent Clp proteases
COG0755ABC-type transport system involved in cytochrome c biogenesis, permease component
COG0760Parvulin-like peptidyl-prolyl isomerase
COG0785Cytochrome c biogenesis protein
COG0826Collagenase and related proteases
COG0829Urease accessory protein UreH
COG0830Urease accessory protein UreF
COG1025Secreted/periplasmic Zn-dependent peptidases, insulinase-like
COG1030Membrane-bound serine protease (ClpP class)
COG1047FKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerases 2
COG1066Predicted ATP-dependent serine protease
COG1067Predicted ATP-dependent protease
COG1076DnaJ-domain-containing proteins 1
COG1138Cytochrome c biogenesis factor
COG1180Pyruvate-formate lyase-activating enzyme
COG1214Inactive homolog of metal-dependent proteases, putative molecular chaperone
COG1219ATP-dependent protease Clp, ATPase subunit
COG1220ATP-dependent protease HslVU (ClpYQ), ATPase subunit
COG1222ATP-dependent 26S proteasome regulatory subunit
COG1261Flagellar basal body P-ring biosynthesis protein
COG1281Disulfide bond chaperones of the HSP33 family
COG1331Highly conserved protein containing a thioredoxin domain
COG1333ResB protein required for cytochrome c biosynthesis
COG1370Prefoldin, molecular chaperone implicated in de novo protein folding, alpha subunit
COG1382Prefoldin, chaperonin cofactor
COG1391Glutamine synthetase adenylyltransferase
COG1404Subtilisin-like serine proteases
COG1474Cdc6-related protein, AAA superfamily ATPase
COG1495Disulfide bond formation protein DsbB
COG1516Flagellin-specific chaperone FliS
COG1585Membrane protein implicated in regulation of membrane protease activity
COG1612Uncharacterized protein required for cytochrome oxidase assembly
COG1651Protein-disulfide isomerase
COG1730Predicted prefoldin, molecular chaperone implicated in de novo protein folding
COG1764Predicted redox protein, regulator of disulfide bond formation
COG1765Predicted redox protein, regulator of disulfide bond formation
COG1899Deoxyhypusine synthase
COG1928Dolichyl-phosphate-mannose--protein O-mannosyl transferase
COG1973Hydrogenase maturation factor
COG1975Xanthine and CO dehydrogenases maturation factor, XdhC/CoxF family
COG1989Type II secretory pathway, prepilin signal peptidase PulO and related peptidases
COG2020Putative protein-S-isoprenylcysteine methyltransferase
COG2039Pyrrolidone-carboxylate peptidase (N-terminal pyroglutamyl peptidase)
COG2143Thioredoxin-related protein
COG2192Predicted carbamoyl transferase, NodU family
COG2214DnaJ-class molecular chaperone
COG2332Cytochrome c-type biogenesis protein CcmE
COG2360Leu/Phe-tRNA-protein transferase
COG2370Hydrogenase/urease accessory protein
COG2371Urease accessory protein UreE
COG2377Predicted molecular chaperone distantly related to HSP70-fold metalloproteases
COG2386ABC-type transport system involved in cytochrome c biogenesis, permease component
COG2518Protein-L-isoaspartate carboxylmethyltransferase
COG2844UTP:GlnB (protein PII) uridylyltransferase
COG2882Flagellar biosynthesis chaperone
COG2924Fe-S cluster protector protein
COG2935Putative arginyl-tRNA:protein arginylyltransferase
COG2994ACP:hemolysin acyltransferase (hemolysin-activating protein)
COG2999Glutaredoxin 2
COG3058Uncharacterized protein involved in formate dehydrogenase formation
COG3088Uncharacterized protein involved in biosynthesis of c-type cytochromes
COG3118Thioredoxin domain-containing protein
COG3175Cytochrome oxidase assembly factor
COG3187Heat shock protein
COG3278Cbb3-type cytochrome oxidase, subunit 1
COG3418Flagellar biosynthesis/type III secretory pathway chaperone
COG3484Predicted proteasome-type protease
COG3526Uncharacterized protein conserved in bacteria
COG3531Predicted protein-disulfide isomerase
COG3555Aspartyl/asparaginyl beta-hydroxylase and related dioxygenases
COG3590Predicted metalloendopeptidase
COG3634Alkyl hydroperoxide reductase, large subunit
COG3751Predicted proline hydroxylase
COG3823Glutamine cyclotransferase
COG3914Predicted O-linked N-acetylglucosamine transferase, SPINDLY family
COG3951Rod binding protein
COG4067Uncharacterized protein conserved in archaea
COG4070Predicted peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase (rotamase), cyclophilin family
COG4133ABC-type transport system involved in cytochrome c biogenesis, ATPase component
COG4232Thiol:disulfide interchange protein
COG4233Uncharacterized protein predicted to be involved in C-type cytochrome biogenesis
COG4235Cytochrome c biogenesis factor
COG4346Predicted membrane-bound dolichyl-phosphate-mannose-protein mannosyltransferase
COG4512Membrane protein putatively involved in post-translational modification of the autoinducing quorum-sensing peptide
COG4545Glutaredoxin-related protein
COG4736Cbb3-type cytochrome oxidase, subunit 3
COG4745Predicted membrane-bound mannosyltransferase
COG4759Uncharacterized protein conserved in bacteria containing thioredoxin-like domain
COG4826Serine protease inhibitor
COG4846Membrane protein involved in cytochrome C biogenesis
COG4862Negative regulator of genetic competence, sporulation and motility
COG4870Cysteine protease
COG4930Predicted ATP-dependent Lon-type protease
COG4934Predicted protease
COG4935Regulatory P domain of the subtilisin-like proprotein convertases and other proteases
COG4959Type IV secretory pathway, protease TraF
COG4960Flp pilus assembly protein, protease CpaA
COG4987ABC-type transport system involved in cytochrome bd biosynthesis, fused ATPase and permease components
COG4988ABC-type transport system involved in cytochrome bd biosynthesis, ATPase and permease components
COG5021Ubiquitin-protein ligase
COG5029Prenyltransferase, beta subunit
COG5044RAB proteins geranylgeranyltransferase component A (RAB escort protein)
COG5046Protein involved in Mod5 protein sorting
COG5054Mitochondrial sulfhydryl oxidase involved in the biogenesis of cytosolic Fe/S proteins
COG5061Oxidoreductin, endoplasmic reticulum membrane-associated protein involved in disulfide bond formation
COG5070Nucleotide-sugar transporter
COG507126S proteasome regulatory complex component
COG5077Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase
COG5078Ubiquitin-protein ligase
COG5082Arginine methyltransferase-interacting protein, contains RING Zn-finger
COG511026S proteasome regulatory complex component
COG5113Ubiquitin fusion degradation protein 2
COG511626S proteasome regulatory complex component
COG5131Ubiquitin-like protein
COG5140Ubiquitin fusion-degradation protein
COG514826S proteasome regulatory complex, subunit RPN10/PSMD4
COG5155Separase, a protease involved in sister chromatid separation
COG5156Anaphase-promoting complex (APC), subunit 10
COG515926S proteasome regulatory complex component
COG5160Protease, Ulp1 family
COG518726S proteasome regulatory complex component, contains PCI domain
COG5193La protein, small RNA-binding pol III transcript stabilizing protein and related La-motif-containing proteins involved in translation
COG5194Component of SCF ubiquitin ligase and anaphase-promoting complex
COG5201SCF ubiquitin ligase, SKP1 component
COG5206Glycosylphosphatidylinositol transamidase (GPIT), subunit GPI8
COG5207Isopeptidase T
COG5227Ubiquitin-like protein (sentrin)
COG5234Beta-tubulin folding cofactor D
COG5243HRD ubiquitin ligase complex, ER membrane component
COG5264Vacuolar transporter chaperone
COG5265ABC-type transport system involved in Fe-S cluster assembly, permease and ATPase components
COG5269Ribosome-associated chaperone zuotin
COG5371Golgi nucleoside diphosphatase
COG5380Lipase chaperone
COG5387Chaperone required for the assembly of the mitochondrial F1-ATPase
COG5405ATP-dependent protease HslVU (ClpYQ), peptidase subunit
COG5494Predicted thioredoxin/glutaredoxin
COG5504Predicted Zn-dependent protease
COG5533Ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase
COG5536Protein prenyltransferase, alpha subunit
COG5539Predicted cysteine protease (OTU family)
COG5540RING-finger-containing ubiquitin ligase
COG5541Vesicle coat complex COPI, zeta subunit
COG5549Predicted Zn-dependent protease
COG5550Predicted aspartyl protease
COG5560Ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase
COG5574RING-finger-containing E3 ubiquitin ligase
COG5580Activator of HSP90 ATPase
COG5596Mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase, subunit TIM22
COG5640Secreted trypsin-like serine protease
COG5647Cullin, a subunit of E3 ubiquitin ligase
COG5656Importin, protein involved in nuclear import
COG5661Predicted secreted Zn-dependent protease
COG5664Predicted secreted Zn-dependent protease

Parent Functions

35631Cellular processes and signaling