neurotransmitter uptake

id: GO:0001504
name: neurotransmitter uptake
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: The directed movement of neurotransmitters into neurons or glial cells. This process leads to inactivation and recycling of neurotransmitters. It does not occur during cholinergic synaptic transmission. Instead, acetylcholine is enzymatically degraded in the synaptic cleft.

Child Functions

GO:0051610serotonin uptake
GO:0051615histamine uptake
GO:0051630acetylcholine uptake
GO:0051933amino acid uptake involved in synaptic transmission
GO:0051934catecholamine uptake involved in synaptic transmission

Parent Functions

GO:0001505regulation of neurotransmitter levels
GO:0006836neurotransmitter transport