alcohol dehydrogenase (NAD) activity

id: GO:0004022
name: alcohol dehydrogenase (NAD) activity
namespace: molecular_function
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: Catalysis of the reaction: an alcohol + NAD+ = an aldehyde or ketone + NADH + H+.

Child Functions

GO:0004023alcohol dehydrogenase activity, metal ion-independent
GO:0004024alcohol dehydrogenase activity, zinc-dependent
GO:0004025alcohol dehydrogenase activity, iron-dependent
GO:0010301xanthoxin dehydrogenase activity
GO:0050112inositol 2-dehydrogenase activity
GO:00526763-methylbutanol:NAD oxidoreductase activity

Parent Functions

GO:0016616oxidoreductase activity, acting on the CH-OH group of donors, NAD or NADP as acceptor