protein methylation

id: GO:0006479
name: protein methylation
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: The addition of a methyl group to a protein amino acid. A methyl group is derived from methane by the removal of a hydrogen atom.

Child Functions

GO:0006480N-terminal protein amino acid methylation
GO:0006481C-terminal protein methylation
GO:0016571histone methylation
GO:0018020peptidyl-glutamic acid methylation
GO:0018021peptidyl-histidine methylation
GO:0018022peptidyl-lysine methylation
GO:0018125peptidyl-cysteine methylation
GO:0018216peptidyl-arginine methylation
GO:0018364peptidyl-glutamine methylation

Parent Functions

GO:0008213protein alkylation
GO:0043414macromolecule methylation